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City-wise/ Region-wise Dementia Care Information

This page has links to various city/ region-wise dementia resource pages currently available on the site, provided for the convenience of caregivers of patients of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

It also includes some tips on how to locate resources in your city.

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My husband is a living doll: A 78-year-old wife taking care of her 86-year-old husband

Saraswathi Subramoney, 78 years old, is the caregiver for her 86-year-old husband who suffers from Parkinsonian dementia. The couple lives in central Bangalore in a well-appointed apartment full of curios gathered over the decades. Their children (they live in other cities) visit often to help and comfort, but Saraswathi is primarily responsible for her husband’s care and has to cope with it alone most of the time. In this interview, she shares the progression of her husband’s condition, her ways of handling care, and her feeling of exhaustion and overwhelm.

Can you describe the events that led to your husband’s diagnosis?

The first indication that something was wrong with my husband came around 3.5 years ago, when he fell down a couple of times. We visited Mumbai soon after, and consulted a senior doctor in a leading hospital there. The doctor assessed my husband, conducted various tests and scans, and finally declared that what happened to my husband was only “old age” (my husband was 83 years old). The doctor showed us the brain scans, pointed out some areas, and said the gaps were caused by “ageing”.

We returned to Bangalore. Over the next few months, my husband’s condition worsened to a point I found very difficult to handle. Examples of the behavior he showed were:

  • Losing balance while walking or climbing stairs
  • Fits of anger and shouting
  • Insisting on going for “work” (though he had retired long ago)
  • Insisting on going out for errands that were not needed (such as booking tickets at the railway station)

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Care in a dementia day care centre: a social worker explains

Jincy Shiju is a social worker at Dementia Day Care Centre, Bangalore (a service run by Nightingales Medical Trust). Currently, the centre services six dementia patients for day-time care on weekdays. The activities of ARDSI Bangalore Chapter are also carried out through the Centre.

What steps do you follow to admit a patient for the day care facility?

When a client’s relatives approach us for day care facilities, we first ask them to get the client be assessed by our doctor. During this assessment, our doctor checks the client’s current status and identifies which areas to focus on during rehabilitation and care. We next gather information about the client from the client’s family, using our “client social profile” format, and we sit with the family to get clarifications and additional data about the client.

At the end of this information-gathering, and before we take in the client for actual care, we are therefore well informed about the client’s personal and social history. For example, we know:

  • Client’s personal history, such as preferred name, school/ education, occupation, cities lived in, languages known, family details (such as spouse, children, grandchildren and others), friends/ neighbours, pets
  • Special memories and anecdotes
  • Social involvement, such as whether the client likes to socialize, social activities enjoyed, etc.
  • Emotional habits, such as how the client expresses emotions such as joy, sorrow, does the client like to be touched/ hugged, how the client expresses frustration
  • Religious beliefs and habits
  • Behavior challenges
  • Routine the client is used to

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Voices: Caregiving in the news

This page provides links to some online news reports, articles, and personal essays that include dementia caregiver stories from India. They provide an insight into real-life experiences of dementia situations here, the challenges faced, what families do, problems due to lack of information and poor awareness in society, and the use or limitations of various support mechanisms, etc. Articles have been selected to provide a cross-section of recent caregiver experiences and are arranged by their main theme for the convenience of the reader. Themes include: Wandering, Early onset dementia, Elderly caregivers, Decisions and experiences around using care homes, day cares, and attendants, “Remote” caregivers, arrangements, and guilt, Diverse care situations, symptoms, challenges, introspection, comments, and Personal blogs that span the entire dementia experience.

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Using various dementia/ home care services

Caregiving load increases. Caregivers cannot be present all the time and do all the work. They need support services

What caregivers can do: Understand the types of systems and supports available. Evaluate available services and facilities. Use support services and centers to get a break or to manage work outside home. Use general home nursing services for patients. Get dementia-specific care at home, or in special care units.

Looking after someone with dementia can be tiring physically, mentally, and emotionally. After the initial stages, most patients cannot be left alone at home. Families need help to care for patients when they have to go for errands or jobs, etc. An earlier page discusses using (discussed here: trained attendants for dementia home care). This page discusses other available dementia support and systems.

  • Home nursing services.
  • Home-delivery pharmacy.
  • Home visits for dementia patient assessment.
  • Dementia Day Care.
  • Observation/ behavior assessment stay.
  • Dementia Respite Care and Long-term stay facilities.
  • Information on available services and facilities in India.
  • >See also….

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Dementia Caregiver Resources across India

This page attempts to provide a consolidated list of dementia caregiver resources in India. It includes organizations such as ARDSI (Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India) and its varioous chapters across India, Dignity, Helpage, Old age solution portal, various dementia day acre and respite cares, helplines for dementia, seniors, and depression, palliative care resources, other India-based relevant resources, etc.

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