Voices: Books by Indian caregivers

Recently, some caregivers from India have written books to share their family experiences of living with and caring for someone with dementia:

An 84-year-old caregiver shares experiences of his 74-year-old wife with dementia

cover of  Alzheimer’s: The Mission Continues
In the line of Alzheimer’s: The Mission Continues (Brig (Retd.) S P Bhattacharjya):This first-person account by Brig Bhattacharjya, 84 years old, who looked after his wife Sukla, then 72 years old. The book covers many incidents from the pre-diagnosis stage, narratingaround fifteen years of Sukla’s decline, sharing incidents, mistakes, missed symptoms, things that worked and that did not. The anecdotes are shared with honesty, placed in context, and accompanied by Brig Bhattacharjya’s own analysis.Available through the ARDSI Kolkata chapter.See their page.

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A social scientist on his wife’s decline due to Alzheimer’s and the related care

cover of Krishna: Living with Alzheimer’s
Krishna: Living with Alzheimer’s (Ranabir Samaddar): This is a first-person account by a social scientist who cared for his wife (who had Alzheimer’s Disease). The book has several chapters detailed his experiences. The late-stage care chapters, especially, are extremely valuable in our Indian context where late-stage dementia is handled at home and often requires multiple interactions with health care professionals and hospitals. The book is sometimes heavy on medical details, and also has a lot of social analysis, with discussions on ‘quality of life’. The book also contains several chapters about the earlier years of dementia, both the personal side and the social side. Caregivers looking after persons in earlier stages can skip the late-stage dementia part in their first read and return to these parts later.Available at Amazon.in or Flipkart or any other vendor.

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A daughter shares experiences and loving memories as her father declines due to dementia

cover of A World Within
A World Within: a remarkable story of coping with a parent’s dementia (Minakshi Chaudhry): This book is by a caregiver daughter who describes her father’s decline. It has many honestly-narrated, touching anecdotes that show various sides of the father–in some he remembers and talks about the past, in some he shows mild confusion, in some where he deteriorates further. The writing style is personal, and includes personal musings, regrets, and insight.Available at Amazon.in or Flipkart or any other vendor.

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(For more books–from India and outside–see the page Books and DVDs. For more detailed reviews of the above books, and also information on other dementia-related books from India, including ethnographic studies, see Information and stories on dementia and care: Books from India.)

Page/ post last updated on: March 6, 2017

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