Dementia Resources in Indian Languages

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Most resources we find for dementia are in English. Fortunately, some information and help is also available in various Indian languages. These include online resources like websites with multiple pages on dementia care, reports and guides, downloadable introductory material, videos, slideshares, and so on. Printed material may be available in the form of books and information brochures. Other possible resources include helplines and in-person information, counselling, and support.

Dementia Care Notes has put together dementia resource pages for various Indian languages by collecting available information. Suggestions for these pages are most welcome.

Organizations working in the dementia domain will typically have phone and in-person support available in the main languages spoken in that city/ region. You can locate possible sources of support in your language of interest by checking the relevant city/ region resources. See City-wise/ Region-wise Dementia Care Information to locate possible organizations in your geographical area of interest.

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