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This page contains information specific for dementia care in Pune, for the convenience of caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. [read disclaimer]

Quick Ref: To quickly locate the full-time cares in or near Pune, look for the symbol
24 x 7 Care Home.

Facilities for persons with Alzheimer’s/ other dementias

Facility Address and other details
Jagruti Dementia Care Jagruti Dementia Care provides services for persons with dementia who need medical attention–these include rehabilitation, medical care, respite, and hospice/ end-of-life care. Emergency services are also available. Their full-time facility can accommodate 100 dementia patients.

24 x 7 Care Home
Jagruti Dementia Care
Dr. Amar Shinde
Jagruti Dementia Care Centre,
Manjari Farm, Pune-Solapur Road, Hadapsar, Pune-412307.
Phone: 020-69333220, Mobile : 9371425026, email:
Website: Opens in new window (Also see some details of their rooms and services at: Facilities at Jagruti Dementia Care Opens in new window.

Dementia support services at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Memory clinics, guidance and counselling, memory improvement and memory exercise programs, and Alzheimer’s support group meetings, dementia research, and dementia awareness.Contact them for specific timings. 

Neurology Department,
Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Center
Erandvane, Pune 411004

Phone: 40151000/66023000 extension 1059
Website (may not be working):

Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre works in the area of mental health and rehabilitation and offers a range of services for various conditions, including dementia. Their contact is:

Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre
B.J. Park, S.V. No. 49/1A,
Opp.Shatrunjay Jain Temple,
Katraj – Kondhwa Road,
Pune – 411048
Phone: 020 26930060 / 64780215, 9823435045, +91 9822308491
Emails: , ,, and (email responses not reliable)
Contact person: Rony George (9823435045).

In 2011, Chaitanya started the ARDSI Pune Chapter (Pune Chapter of Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India) and hosted the (November 2011) ARDSI XVI National Conference. The chapter has not been active since then, but recent information from sources (August 2015, March 2016) say the chapter may become active again. In any case, Chaitanya is offering some dementia-related services. Please contact them to know more and evaluate suitability.

Poona Hospital Poona Hospital and Research Centre was earlier running a memory clinic in collaboration with Easai Pharma (the “memory clinic” is listed on the Easai site). While it is not clear whether the Poona Hospital memory clinic is still functioning, you can contact them to find out about their available services related to dementia and caregiving support.

Neurology Department,
Poona Hospital and Research Centre
Survey No 27, Near Alka Cinema, Sadashiv Peth, Pune – 411030

Tel Nos: (020) 24331706, 24331707, 24331708, 66096000
Website: Opens in new window

Assisted Living from Epoch Elder Care Monet House, Epoch Elder Care: This is a very small-capacity, very high-priced assisted living facility in Kharadi, Pune. They accept elders who need help with activities of daily living, including persons with dementia. They provide person-centric care and basic nursing support. The admission process includes discussions and counselling to ensure that the person will fit at the facility and can be given suitable care by the Epoch team. Contact them to know more, schedule a viewing, and to evaluate for suitability and reliability, etc.

24 x 7 Care Home
Assisted Living from Epoch Elder Care
Contact: Email:,
Phone: + 91 989 968 1595

Tapas Elder Care Tapas Elder Care : This 24×7 care home accepts persons with dementia for short and long term stay. They provide person-centric care, have activities regularly, and have the support and advice of experts and doctors. Contact them to know more, and to evaluate for suitability and reliability, etc.

24 x 7 Care Home
Tapas Elder Care
Address: 7/2/8 Krishna Nagar, Near sunny Sports Complex, Someshwar Wadi, Pashan, Pune 411008
Phone: + 91-881-889-6041

Listings: Other possible care homes in Pune

Data and evaluation on the resource(s) listed here is scheduled for the future, but meanwhile, some information is included below for families in a hurry that may want to evaluate them.

24 x 7 Care Home

Madhurbhav (AJ Foundation) is a relatively old entity in elder care. Their dementia-specific service is listed at: this page Opens in new window and their contact, as per their site, is +91 8805501600 and +91 9921059898.

Listings: Other possible resources for dementia information and services

The Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital has organized dementia-related events in the past, and may be a possible dementia resource.

Sanctus Rehabilitation Care Foundation (SRCF): (entry added in April 2016) This is a new entity in the sphere of preventive and rehabilitative healthcare. They offer dementia-related services, including home care providers and a day care. As they are new, services may change, so please contact them to find more/ evaluate them.

SRCF Elder Care & Training Centre
Ground floor, Opposite Alankaran Lawns (SRPF Grounds),
Sr. no. 53/23, SRP GR II Road
Wamowarie, Pune 411040
Phone: +91 9595 15 7011
Mobile: +91 9321 95 2974
Web: Opens in new window

Listings: possible providers for home health care services (organizations working in multiple cities) Some home-health services are available in multiple cities and can be contacted to find out if they offer anything in your city. Please check the reliability and quality; a service that is good in one city may not be good in another. Typical services you can ask about are: home nursing (attendants, nurses, wound care and nursing procedures), physiotherapy, doctor visits, home dental care, sample collections, equipment hire, pharmacy at home, etc. Some of them may claim to support dementia care. List below is alphabetically ordered
HealthCare atHOME (HCAH): (Noida-based)( by the Burman family (Dabur) and the founders of Healthcare At Home (HAH), UK) Contact 1800-102-4224 Website
India Home Health Care (IHHC): (Chennai based) (partner of BAYADA Home Health Care) Contact +91 76764 33333 (Whatsapp +91-7755912869). Website
Nightingales Home Health Services (NHHS): (Bangalore-based Medwell Ventures, Mahindra collaboration) Contact 1800 103 4530. Website [
Portea : (Bangalore-based) Contact 1800 121 2323 Website
Other services for elders Mayacare has volunteers who help elders/ disabled persons by providing assistance/ company for outdoor services like shopping, visiting the bank, doctors, social functions, etc., doing transactions like applying for gas connections or preparing affidavits. Contact them using their Facebook page Opens in new window or their email id: The Pune contact numbers: +91- 9552510411/9552510400
Tips to locate trained attendants The resources listed above may be able to provide home care/ attendants trained for dementia, or they may point you to other resources. Also, please check the comments left by various site visitors, as some of these may point to organizations that other caregivers have used. Please satisfy yourself about any service/ facility before using it.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get attendants trained for dementia. You may need to use general attendants and train them on dementia yourself or with the help of volunteers. Our page here, Using Trained Attendants for Dementia Home Care, discusses this topic in detail. You may also find our Caregiving Essential Toolkit useful.

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Helplines and other resources for elders

The Commissionerate of Police, Pune, and Athashri Foundation run a helpline, Pune Police Senior Citizens Helpline, at 020-26111103. This helpline works on working days, working hours. For any emergency outside these hours, the normal police emergency number, 100, should be used. Please note that the earlier helpline number, 1091, is now the women/ children helpline. For updates/ most recent information, please check:

Dignity Helpline: Reinaugarated helpline +91 – 20 – 26851221, Mon-Fri, working hours (Helpline number confirmed in December 2014. This helpline number replaces earlier helplines)

Facility Address and other details
Helpage India, Pune Contact Person:Mr. Rajeev Kulkarni, Manager – Resource Mobilization
4/27, Near Phule Nagar, Near Alandi Road RTO Ground,
Pune – 411 006, Maharashtra

Tel. No. : 020-20265513, Mobile: 09422020699
Site: Opens in new window
Ask them about any elder care services and also about any Geriatric Physiotherapy clinic in the city, as such clinics can be useful for rehabilitation of persons with mobility problems and also with dementia.

Dignity Foundation, Pune Dignity Foundation – Pune Chapter
Telephone : 020-26851221 / 8600012444
Email :
Savio Villa, 78/4, Divya Nagar, Near Jambhulkar chowk, Wanawadi, Pune – 411040.
(Working Mon-Fri, working hours only)

The Facebook page is at: (The old page at is no longer being used)
Website :

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Dementia-related material in various Indian languages (including Marathi)

See:Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Resources in Marathi.

Click here for our full list of dementia/ care resources in various Indian languages (currently Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu): Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Resources in Indian Languages

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General tips for locating relevant resources:

  • A list of local services can usually be obtained by surfing the Internet using keywords and the name of the city, and looking for various types of services. Most cities will have some home care services, old age homes, nursing agencies, etc. The larger hospitals of the city will usually have memory clinics to help the initial diagnosis of dementia. Search for "memory clinic" combined with your city name and other such phrases.
  • Use various combinations and alternate city names for more suitable results.For example, you may look for Pune, Poona, Puna , or whatever else you consider useful. Search using locality names also.
  • Updates/ fresh data on dementia support facilities/ services may also be available from the National Dementia Helpline ( 0484-277-5088). E-mail: or other helplines handled by the ARDSI National Office (09846198471,09846198786, 09846198473)
  • The reception/ nurses at local hospitals often know about agencies that supply attendants/ nurses for home care.
  • Many large path lab services also provide home pickup of blood samples.
  • Many neighborhood path labs and small clinics are able to send nurses home for some minor procedures, like IV. Some even have contacts of doctors who may be willing to make home visits (you must satisfy yourself about the quality and reliability)

Also note, contact numbers and addresses keep changing. If you have an problems old number/ name of hospital/ doctor, etc., get the latest details using local telephone inquiry/ assistance services.

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Please contact the resources listed above if you are looking for dementia/ care support If you are looking for resources in other Indian cities/ regions, or across India, check out these links:

Other useful links:

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Disclaimer: This page includes whatever information was available and seemed relevant. However, we make no claims that the contents of this page are either accurate or complete, or that the persons/ organizations listed are reliable or that they are suitable for you (no fitment for purpose is intended or implied). The data is provided merely for information and convenience, and not an endorsement for any person/ organization/ service/ resource. Also, services offered keep changing, so please contact the organisations to get up-to-date information.

Please note that Dementia Care Notes does NOT provide any services or any medical consultation.

Page/ post last updated on: November 7, 2017

13 thoughts on “Resources for dementia care: Pune”

  1. Sorry , I dont think ‘Jagruti Rehab’ is ideal place for person with dementia and Alzheimer’s . They keep schizophrenia and other ‘mental’ illness together.
    Person with dementia/Alzheimer’s cant be treated and kept with other mental illness people. They have different need , care givers , age and standard of care .
    Person with dementia/Alzheimer’s its more Care then Cure that works .

    1. Dr. Amar Shinde of Jagruti has written to clarify that they have separate wards for dementia. To quote: “at Jagruti, we are having separate dementia ward with mostly patients in moderate to severe stages of dementia… we have currently 30-40 dementia patients, many of them are incontinent, violent, not eating, poor self care…. we provide persistent care, supervision & 24 hrs medical care….” and “its a rehab for three different sections, psychiatry, de-addiction & dementia currently… we are trying to provide as much homely environment as possible with all facilities of hospital… dementia patients may require lot of medical care” (Clarification was given on Facebook on June 27, 2013)

      Note that, as for any service/ facility listed, site visitors are requested to evaluate the facility’s suitability and reliability themselves to decide whether it suits their needs. Some evaluation suggestions are included at and at

  2. Hello this is Dr Amar Shinde (Neuro-Psychiatrist)
    I visited last month Kinoko Espoir Hospital & Soujashi-Yamate welfare center, Okayama, Japan, which are the dedicated facilities for dementia & geriatrics. They have very good facility & very young attendants working with the dementia patients. For Dementia patients good hygiene, food & exercise are the most important things to improve their quality of life than medicines. We are working on their protocol currently at Jagruti Dementia Care.

  3. As the result of a discussion on our Facebook page for care families we have the name of an agency for Home care staff, recommended by a service user in Pune, that I’d like to share here … HEMA, an agency that operates out of Tingre Nagar run by a lady called Jothi and her son Vikram. Phone +919226845318. It is important that any person aiming to hire from this or any other agency does verify the appropriateness and desired quality level of attendant for themselves. Would like to add here a link to our Facebook page for caregivers as well :-

    Also, our Caregivers Link website is at:

    (Dementia Care Notes adds: For all such posts, site visitors are requested to evaluate the facility’s suitability and reliability themselves to decide whether it suits their needs. Some evaluation suggestions are included at and at

  4. Presently i am M.E student. I am working on automatic diagnosis of Alzheimer disease using EEG signals. I am in search of medical research center where exactly the diagnosis of this disease is actually done………..pls suggest any research center in pune or mumbai……..

    1. I don’t know what you mean by “exactly the diagnosis of this disease is actually done” and am unaware of any approved definite and “automatic” diagnosis criteria of AD without autopsy. However, you can contact senior consultants at any major hospital’s neurology/ psychiatry department to get in touch with doctors who do AD diagnosis. The Pune and Mumbai pages on this site have some possible contacts. You can also contact ARDSI Mumbai or ARDSI Greater Mumbai; check our Mumbai page at:

  5. OK thank you for your reply……….automatic diagnosis means that early detection of disease in early stage….by analyzing the EEG waveform & automatically doing engineering application we can detect the disease……

    1. Okay. Could you please give any reference you have for “automatic diagnosis” using EEG. So far, the only certain and approved definite diagnosis for AD is after an autopsy, though there is some proposals on whether biomarkers can be used for this when the person is still alive. Is EEG analysis one such research direction?

    2. Hi Dear Nilesh & Respected Swapna,
      Nilesh, great thinking for early diagnosis Of Dementia.
      But EEG is not providing much information for Dementia, Currently we diagnose Dementia on MRI & clinical Examination,
      But yes we can go for it as some changes in EEG can suggest it.
      We have lots of patients of Dementia Both OPD & IPD (40-50 patients at a time) basis.
      Also currently we have Dr Sujit Jagtap MBBS, DM(Neurology), Special Fellowship in Epilepsy Joined our Center as Consultant Neurologist with a good EEG Lab & good Experience with lots of papers published in National & International Conferences
      You can Visit @ Jagruti Rehabilitation center, Pune for further Information, or Call Me on 09371425026
      Regards Dr Amar Shinde Consultant Psychiatrist

  6. Dr.Amar Sir can i visit your rehabilitation center. Or can i have a permission to meet you ? i want to see the eeg lab as you mentioned in your reply. also i would like to meet Dr.sujit jagtap…………..pls i want to the eeg lab.

    material for automated diagnosis includes the IEEE, springer papers & some scope for future directions as given by researchers.

  7. is another facility, based at Clover Palisades, NIBM-Kondhwa Road.

    (Dementia Care Notes adds: A tentative entry was made for Epoch based on this and the information on their website, and a query was sent to Epoch in August 2014 for clarifications on some of the statements made on their website. No response was received. However, subsequently, based on more data and also phone conversations, more details for the facility were added in 2017. Site visitors contacting Epoch (or any other facility) are requested to evaluate the facility’s suitability and reliability themselves to decide whether it suits their needs. Some evaluation suggestions are included at and at

  8. Where can I get the EEG database of Alzheimer & Dementia patients in Pune…………???? Is it possible to get in Noble Hospital in Pune

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