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This page contains information specific for dementia care in Goa, for the convenience of caregivers of patients of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. [read disclaimer.]

While this page includes several possible dementia care resources and some contact information on these, please note that:
1) You will need to evaluate them for suitability and reliability.
2) Entities keep changing their activities, so please contact them for updated information.
3) The websites and social media profiles of the entities may not have updated contact information. If the information does not work, look for a social media platform they posted recently on and post your query there.
4) Many organizations do not respond promptly to emails or queries on social media accounts. If so, call their phone numbers or try WhatsApp. Many organizations now use mobile numbers for their main contact even if their sites/ social media profiles show landlines.
5) Different web sources may have different data for the same entity, and you may need to search to find out what is correct now.

Facilities for patients of Alzheimer’s/ other dementias.


  • National Helpline for Senior Citizens: Toll-free helpline number 14567 Project of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and the National Institute of Social Defence.
  • Helpage helpline: All-India toll-free number: 1800 180 1253 .Contact them for help and also to reach any local numbers.
  • Tele counselling helpline for mental health, Tele-MANAS: Toll-free, 24/7 helpline number 14416 or 1-800-91-4416, also usable for dementia, by the Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, available in many languages.
  • Dementia India Alliance’s National Dementia Support Line at 8585 990 990, 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Saturday.
  • A national helpline for palliative care is available from Pallium India at 91 964 588 4889 / +91 860 688 4889.
  • Helplines for depression/ emotional support can be seen at this link.

Dementia Society of Goa and ARDSI Goa Chapter.

Goa Chapter of Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India: Offers diagnosis and counselling. Supports caregivers for home care. Contact person is Dr. Amit Dias, Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, Goa Medical College. He  is involved in several studies and initiatives related to dementia care, and has numerous publications.

Dr. Amit Dias, M1 Housing Board Colony, Alto Porvorim, Bardez -Goa. PIN 403 521 Mobile: +91 98 2238 2842 (Dr Amit Dias’s number), Email:

Initiatives of ARDSI Goa/ Dementia Society of Goa and their associates include training and support of caregivers, developing home interventions etc., and also memory cafes. Dr Dias is also project director of other dementia interventions. One such example is the “Dementia project” run jointly by The Dennis Charles Jarvis Memorial Trust and Sangath, which aims at extending the non-pharmacological intervention developed by the Dementia Society of Goa to the people of Goa. Please contact him for the current status of such interventions/ projects.

COOJ Mental Health Foundation.

COOJ Mental Health Foundation is an NGO working in the area of mental health and rehabilitation. This includes programmes for geriatrics and mental health, dementia, etc. They sensitize and train staff in old age homes for dementia and support residents there.  Please contact them for their current work and how they may help you.

COOJ Mental Health Foundation, H. No. F-1, Boa Vista, Bastora, Mapuca, Bardez – Goa. Phone: +91 982 256 2522, Email:, Facebook page Opens in new window  , Website Opens in new window .


Sangath has been involved in some dementia interventions. To know more about any current and proposed projects, please contact them. Phone 0788 787 2345, Email
The Sangath website page for their address Opens in new window. Facebook page: Opens in new window.

Other dementia resources/ memory clinics/ other services.

Goa Medical College, Neurology Department. Goa Medical College and Hospital, Bambolim, Tiswadi, Goa-India, PO Box.: 403 202, Phone: 0832 – 245 8700 – 245 8715.

Chaitanya Institute for Mental Health. They may have some support for dementia diagnosis, treatment or other services and support. Please contact them to know what they have and to evaluate. Address: Vaishya Bhavan-5, (Dr. Kedar Hospital), Thivim – 403 502, Madel, Goa. Phones: 0832-229 0094, 0832-229 8765, 0832-295 5555, 0832-295 5556. Email:, Page on their site here Opens in new window.

Additional Listings: Service providers who may help with home health care.

There is no data about any service provider based in Goa for home health care support.

Some multi-city organizations may offer support in your city/ locality for home health support, support, rehab and recovery for various health challenges, medical equipment at home, etc. As the services and cities handled by such providers keep changing frequently, these are listed on a separate page, and include Apollo Homecare, Care24, Eldercare, FamPhy, Healthcare atHOME (HCAH), India Home Health Care (IHHC), Lifecircle Senior Care, Mayacare, Nightingales Home Health Care, and Portea. Some offer services in only metros and selected state capitals and nearby areas, but others like Apollo, HCAH, Mayacare and Portea also work in some smaller cities. Please check our multi-city page here: Multi-city service providers for senior care and dementia.

Additional Listings: Important organizations working for seniors.

Helpage helpline: This all-India organization that supports senior citizens in multiple ways. They may also offer geriatric physiotherapy. Contact them at 1800 180 1253 (All-India tollfree number). Email:, Website: The Helpage India website Opens in new window.

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Palliative Care.

Some organizations working in dementia or with seniors as well as some hospitals etc may be supporting palliative care. When getting palliative care, please ensure the doctors advising you are familiar with applying palliative care for dementia. Palliative resources in Goa are listed by Pallium Opens in new window. You can also contact the Pallium Helpline at 91 964 588 4889 / +91 860 688 4889 for information and telephonic consultation.

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Getting support using online/ all-India resources.

It is now possible to access help through several nationally available helplines; you can see senior citizen support, depression, dementia, and palliative care. Dementia support organizations and support groups may be able to help you even if they are not in your city. Even diagnosis and medical advice (non emergency) is available online, so it is possible to benefit from experts across the country, while sitting at home. See some general suggestions at this link.

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Dementia-related material in various Indian languages (including Konkani).

See: Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Resources in Konkani.

The full list of dementia/ care resources in various Indian languages (currently Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu) is at Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Resources in Indian Languages.

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General tips for locating relevant resources.

Please contact the resources above for dementia/ care support. For resources in other Indian cities/ regions, or across India, check City-wise/ Region-wise resources and Resources across multiple Indian cities. Some tips for locating additional resources:

  • Surf the Internet for local services using the name of the city and types of services. For example, look for home care, home health, old age homes, nursing agencies, etc.
  • Ask the reception/ nurses at local hospitals. They often know about home health care agencies. The various dementia organizations and elder care organizations listed may also give names of more resources.
  • To evaluate online data on a possible service provider, check how recent their events, pictures, social media posts are to understand whether the entity seems operational and reliable.
  • For minor procedures, like IV, neighborhood path labs and small clinics may be able to send nurses home. They may even know doctors who make home visits.
  • For diagnosis, look at reliable larger hospitals of the city. Check their neurology, psychiatry, and geriatrics departments or special clinics like memory clinics, geriatric clinics, or geriatric psychiatry clinics.
  • Also, try using the state name, locality name, other names of your city or nearby cities.
  • Of course, in all cases, you must satisfy yourself about the quality and reliability.

For information and suggestions for handling care situations, some useful links are: Quick access to a Caregiving Essential Toolkit and Using Trained Attendants for Dementia Home Care. Please note that Dementia Care Notes does NOT provide any services or any medical consultation.

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Note: This page includes all the information available with us for this city/ region. Please note that the data is provided for information and convenience, and is not an endorsement for any person/ organization/ service/ resource. We make no claims that the contents of this page are either accurate or complete, or that the persons/ organizations listed are reliable or that they are suitable for you. No fitment for purpose is intended or implied.

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