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From ARDSI: Material in Malayalam, part of the Kerala State Initiative, and also other support in Malayalam.

Kerala State has various dementia initiatives involving the State Government, Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI), and local stakeholders. The Malayalam material on dementia created as part of this includes leaflets and manuals that explain the initiatives as well as provide useful information on dementia and care. Some of these are shared below, and have been included on the site with the permission of the ARDSI National Office.

“Dementia or medhakshayam- information leaflet for caregivers” (ഡിമെൻഷിയ അഥവാ മേധാക്ഷയം – പരിചാരകർക്കുള്ള ലഘുലേഖ )
explains what dementia is, the symptoms, and risk factors, and the management of common problems associated with dementia. It contains very practical tips for carers. View it in the viewer below or download it from this link (PDF file) Opens in new window. (The viewer may take time to load)

There is also a one-page leaflet, Smruthipadham (സ്മൃതിപഥം) that introduces dementia. It contains a brief description of dementia, common features, and basic aspects of prevention.

Click on the image to view or download a larger version in a new tab, or click here: Smruthipadham one-page Malayalam leaflet on dementia Opens in new window.

The ARDSI site also has a page on the material released under this Kerala initiative (KSID); view it at: KSID Opens in new window.

The National Dementia Helpline is also based on Kerala. Phone support in Malayalam is available. Contact the NATIONAL DEMENTIA HELPLINE at 0484-277-5088 (Mon-Sat 10 AM-4 PM). Or try the other Kerala-based Dementia Helplines: 09846198471 and 09846198786 (managed by ARDSI Registered office, Cochin) and 09846198473 (managed by the ARDSI National Office).

ARDSI also has several chapters in Kerala where you can get Malayalam information and advice. See our page for contact information, addresses, and other details: Resources for dementia care: Kerala cities

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From Dr. K S Shaji: a dementia caregiver manual in Malayalam

Another dementia caregiver manual in Malayalam, first edition, is available courtesy Dr. Shaji. He cautions that this is only a general guideline and does not substitute professional advice which should be obtained from the doctor who examines the person with dementia. You can Download the Malayalam manual (PDF file) Opens in new window or view it in the viewer below. The viewer may take time to load.

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From Old age/ Mental Health Portals from India: short introductions for dementia/ Alzheimer’s Disease

White Swan Foundation, a website on mental health, has a Malayalam section. This includes pages on dementia and Alzheimer’s, such as Dementia ഡിമെന്‍ഷ്യ (ബുദ്ധിഭ്രംശം)Opens in new window, Alzheimer’s Disease അല്‍ഷിമേഴ്സ് രോഗംOpens in new window, and Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease അല്‍ഷിമേഴ്സ് രോഗത്തെ മനസിലാക്കല്‍ Opens in new window.

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Videos in Malayalam (Youtube)

Some news and health channels have uploaded some videos where experts explain dementia and answer questions on it.

Or view them as a playlist below:

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One very well-known and critically-acclaimed Malayalam movie that depicted dementia is Thanmathra (തന്മാത്ര). Read about the movie and its depiction, and how it can be used to understand dementia and what are its limitations as a source of dementia/ care information: Indian movies depicting dementia: Thanmathra

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