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From Varishta, Ahmedabad: Book, slideshare, and some posts in Gujarati

Varishta, a recent resource, has a bilingual site (English and Gujarati). While currently the Varishta site has only a few Gujarati pages and blog entries, more may be added over time. The site description is: ગુજરાતીમાં ડિમેન્શિયા વિષે માહીતી મેળવવાનું એકજ સ્થાન

One useful Gujarati resource from Varishta is a simple book on dementia and care.

cover of Chitadu Chorayu - Dementia Ni Duniya
Chitadu Chorayu - Dementia Ni Duniya ચિત્તડું ચોરાયું ( ડિમેન્શીયાની દુનિયા) (Daksha Bhat): This small book, with a modestly priced paperback, briefly covers dementia and its symptoms and types, diagnosis, medication overview, impact of dementia, caregiving, caregiver stress, daily routine, challenges, etc., and has some explanatory figures.Available from Flipkart and also from this page.

Varishta has also uploaded a Gujarati slideshare on dementia. If the player does not load below, you can view it here: Ageing is normal Dementia is not: Gujarati version :

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From other Alzheimer’s Associations worldwide: short introductions for dementia/ Alzheimer’s Disease

Other countries also have Gujarati-speaking residents. Some of them may be providing published dementia/ Alzheimer’s and care information in Gujarati to help the residents understand about dementia and care, and so that these residents know about the resources/ services these countries have to help families coping with dementia (Note that the resource information in these booklets is specific to the country that published the booklet). One such booklet is A Gujarati booklet on dementia from Alzheimer’s Society (UK) .

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Videos in Gujarati (Youtube)

Some dementia organizations in the UK have created videos dubbed in various Indian languages to help their South Asian resident understand dementia and its symptoms. These are basic, useful videos. However, the services and support they mention refer to the UK—for India, you will need to locate suitable resources here.

  • (From Alzheimer’s Society, UK): A small 3.5 minute introduction on dementia and its symptoms: Gujarati- Introduction to dementia from Atiq Hassan, Dementia Adviser. View it here.
  • (From Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust , UK) “Living Well with Dementia – Gujarati version” is a longer video of 33:05 minutes with the voices dubbed in Gujarati(subtitles are English). It describes dementia and its symptoms and its impact on families and how to cope. Includes personal stories. View: Living Well with Dementia – Gujarati version.
  • (From Alzheimer’s Society, UK): Two personal story videos, dubbed in Gujarati, each around 3.5 to 4 minutes long: Gujarati- Prabhakant and Kanta Patel – dementia and Gujarati- Stan and Denise Lintern – dementia.

Or view them as a playlist below:

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