Resources for dementia care: Others (Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Darbhanga, Jaipur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Nagpur, Patna, Raipur, Varanasi)

This page contains information on various dementia care facilities/ organizations in India in cities that are not listed on our city/ region pages. Data has been obtained from various sources like caregivers, volunteers, newspaper reports, and announcements. The information is gathered for the convenience of caregivers of patients of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia, like vascular dementia, Lewy Body, Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and other dementias. [read disclaimer]

For other cities/ all-India resources, see our pages: City-wise resources and Resources across India

Update May 2018: The dementia resources for Ahmedabad and Valsad (Gujarat) earlier listed on this page are now listed on a separate page created in May 2018: Dementia Resources in Ahmedabad, Valsad (Gujarat).

Dementia resources in Bihar (Patna, Darbhanga)

Day Care
An Oct 2010 Youtube video on Helpage India’s work, Dementia in India (Youtube) Opens in new window, described a dementia day care centre at Patna, which focuses on supporting low-income families.

As per data of June 2017, this day care is now functioning from the Helpage Patna office at:
House No. 134, Patliputra Colony, Patna – 800013, Ph: 0612-2273271 Note that all day cares were closed during COVID lockdown. Please contact individual entities directly about their current status and also the measures they follow/ plan to follow to ensure safety of persons using the facility.

ARDSI opened a ARDSI Darbhanga Chapter in Sep/ Oct 2019. Contact them for details of what they do and what their plans are:
ARDSI Darbhanga Chapter
Prof. Bhaweshwar Singh, Director, Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Lalit Narayan Mithila University,
Kameshwarnagar, Darbhanga 846008, Bihar,India

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Dementia resources in Rajasthan (Jaipur)

The following may be able to provide some support for dementia:

Dr. Manaswi Gautam
Gautam Hospital & Research Center
1, Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur -302006
Phone +91-9829053055/ +91-1412222111/ +91-9782966482
Email:,, (email responses not reliable; use the phone numbers)
Dr. Manaswi Gautam was also handling the ARDSI Jaipur chapter which was discontinued some years ago, but may be revived.

Based on newspaper reports of dementia related events, one possible source of dementia advice is ESIC Model Hospital , (Department of Psychiatry).

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Dementia resources in Uttar Pradesh(Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi)

King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, has a department of Geriatric Mental Health and a department of Neurology that may be helpful. The address is
King George’s Medical University (Erstwhile Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University)
Chowk, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA – 226003
Phone number of hospital (board):+91 522 2257450, 2257451, 2257452, 2257453
Website: Opens in new window

Contact their Geriatric Mental Health department for help related to dementia. The department head is Dr. S. C. Tiwari, Professor & Head
Phone: +91 522 2258688, 2258687(O), +91 9415011977 (M)

Update August 2015, March 2016: The hospital earlier also managed a ARDSI Lucknow chapter; this was discontinued, but may be revived. Contact person: Dr. Rakesh Shukla, 09415007015, (email response not reliable). Please note that whether or not ARDSI Lucknow chapter functions, families can use the specialist clinics and other diagnosis and support facilities available at KGMU.

Mahendru clinic, Kanpur

According to the Easai Pharma list of memory clinics, there was a memory clinic being run with their collaboration at Mahendru Clinic, Kanpur. This clinic may or may not be running now, but you can check up with them. Contact details are:
Mahendru Psychiatric Center
117/40,Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur 208005
(Near Medical College Crossing Over bridge & behind Baba Bhoot Nath Ashram)
Phone numbers: 0512 – 2233838, 0512 – 3210157
Website: (No response was received to an email query sent to them, so phone contact may be better)

Based on newspaper reports, some other possible resources for dementia-related advice are Kanpur Neurosciences Hospital and Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College (GSVM)

Deva Institute of Healthcare & Research, Varanasi

According to the Easai Pharma list of memory clinics, there was a memory clinic being run with their collaboration at Deva Institute, Varanasi. Check with them for its updated status. Contact details are:
Deva Institute of Healthcare & Research Pvt. Ltd.
B 27/70 MN, Durgakund, Varanasi-221005 (U.P.)
E-mail :
Phone numbers: 0542 2313652/2310670, 09935162267
(No response was received to an email query sent to them, so phone contact may be better)

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Dementia resources in Chattisgarh(Raipur)

Based on newspaper reports of dementia related events, one possible source of dementia advice is All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Raipur, (Department of Psychiatry).

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Dementia resources in Madhya Pradesh(Bhopal)

Based on newspaper reports of dementia related events, one possible source of dementia advice is Gandhi Medical College (GMC)).

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Dementia resources in Nagpur (for other Maharashtra resources including Palghar, see Mumbai and Pune pages)

Based on newspaper reports of dementia related events, some possible resources for dementia-related support are: Vidarbha Psychiatry Association (VPA) Nagpur and Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences (CIBS). Also, a support group may be available (“Smruti Samvaad“) as an initiative from Samarpan Awareness Foundation; see

For some other cities in Maharashtra, we have resources as full pages, namely: Resources for dementia care: Pune and Resources for dementia care: Mumbai.

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Dementia resources in Odisha (Bhubaneswar)

ARDSI Bhubaneswar Chapter was inaugurated in Puri on September 9, 2019. This chapter will be led by Silver Age Foundation (, a not-for-profit organization working for improving lives of senior citizens, and partnered by Paradeep Phosphates Ltd.

Contact: ARDSI Bhubaneshwar chapter, C/o. Silver Age Foundation for Elders, 245 Lewis Road, (Behind Shree Hospitals), Bhubaneswar 751014. Orissa
M: 9090 222666
Facebook presence at

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If you have any information on these places, or any other upcoming service/ facility etc., please use the comments below to share the information.

Please contact the resources listed above if you are looking for dementia/ care support, or check our other resource pages if you are looking for resources in other Indian cities:

If you are looking for caregiving tips, check our Caregiving Essential Toolkit. Persons looking for trained attendants for dementia home care may find this discussion useful

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This page contains whatever information was available and seemed relevant. However, we make no claims that the contents of this page are either accurate or complete, or that the persons/ organizations listed are reliable in any way, or that they are suitable for you (no fitment for purpose is intended or implied). The data is provided merely for information and convenience, and not in any way intended to be an endorsement for any person/ organization/ service/ resource. Also, services offered keep changing, so please contact the organisations to get up-to-date information.

Please note that Dementia Care Notes does NOT provide any services or any medical consultation.

Page/ post last updated on: June 3, 2020

11 thoughts on “Resources for dementia care: Others (Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Darbhanga, Jaipur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Nagpur, Patna, Raipur, Varanasi)”

  1. Are there any centers in Bhopal where a senior citizen suffering from dementia can go regularly for therapy or activity sessions?
    Thank you.

    1. I’m not aware of any. You can try contacting Gandhi Medical College to see if they are aware of any dementia-specific centres/ support services. Also, you can try the following for information: (1) Elder helpline (2) Local Helpage branch (3) Reputed occupational therapist/ rehab centre.

      Also, ask the National Dementia Helpline. They may have some updates on what is available. Contact them at: 04842808088

      In case you learn of any center, please do leave a comment here with the information; it may help other caregivers. Thanks!

  2. My father is now 81 years old. He has developed Alzimer-Dimenthia. He and my mother-78, they only are staying with each other at Nagpur. Now he is becoming violent and suddenly leaves home without notice and disappears. I want guidance in this case and help centre’s address. Please send me helpline as well as if there is such home where care will be provided. I am their eldest daughter and in between I have given six months, but due to my livelihood I cannot stay more..
    Please guide.
    Thanks.Lata P.M.

  3. My father 84 is suffering from dementia and in the recent past has become aggressive and violent. They are based in Ahmedabad. If you could suggest some support group I will be really great full. Kindly reply as soon as possible.

    1. I am not aware of a support group in Ahmedabad, but if you want some help, you can try two things:
      1> Contact Varishta, an Ahmedabad-based entity working in the dementia domain, and see if someone can talk to your parents or give some support. See
      2> If your parents are comfortable with Internet, it is possible to become part of some online community and get some degree of companionship/ support. You can email for more information on such groups, or connect on Facebook, and it will be possible to then share some Facebook group links, etc.

  4. Hi, My father aged near 70..staying alone back home in Punjab, India. And I noticed he starts repeating things very frequently…I am staying abroad with family..and no one is at back home for his care..except neighbourers and now a days his trust on others are also getting finished…I am very much worried about him…sometimes life looks meaningless…but I cannot come back to home…that is why my condition too become depressing…I don’t know what to do…if somebody reading this and can help me..Please tell me what to do in this situation.

  5. My father is 77 years old and recently he got diagnosed with Alzheimer-Dementia. He is getting treatment from Neuropsychiatrist from Hyderabad. Please let me know any daycare centre in Bhopal who can support him. My mother is struggling with him. Please let me know any daycare centre where he can get some attention during day time.

    1. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any day care for dementia in Bhopal, and no leads could be obtained from any of the dementia volunteers/ professionals contacted after receiving your query. Will let you know if some information comes later. Meanwhile, some possibilities:
      1> Please contact various local senior citizen helplines or organizations, including Helpage, local Rotary, nearby clubs etc., as they may have some leads. Some places suitable for seniors may also be okay for someone with dementia, especially if the person is in early stages.
      2> Consider getting someone to visit at home to help with activities or to just give company for some hours to give some relief to your mother. Usually occupational therapists may be able to suggest how to keep him occupied, or you can also see ideas on the page at to see if there is something suitable. Friends, neighbours, students, or trained attendants may be able to help with these for some time.

      In case you find something that works, please do share back, as it may help others. Thanks!!

  6. Are there any centers in Odisha,(bhubaneswar/nayagarh) for senior citizen suffering from dementia. Or can some one guide ?

    1. Please contact Silver Age Foundation for Elders as mentioned above to see if they have any useful information for you.

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