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From Dementia Hindi: 50+ page full-fledged website in Hindi

The Dementia Hindi website Opens in new window is a comprehensive online resource for dementia/ care information in Hindi. It is the Hindi version of Dementia Care Notes, and has several pages that explain dementia and related caregiving. Topics covered include:

Queries to this site can be sent in Hindi or English and will be answered in the same language. The contact page is at: सम्पर्क करें (Contact information) Opens in new window.

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From other Indian and International sites: short introductions for dementia/ Alzheimer’s Disease

There are some sites (Indian and International) that provide some introductory material on dementia (usually 1-2 page booklets on dementia or on some aspect of care, and sometimes longer) The Dementia Hindi website also maintains a page with links to various other Hindi resources from across the Internet, डिमेंशिया/ अल्ज़ाइमर देखभाल पर हिंदी वेबसाइट (Informational Hindi websites on dementia / caregiving) Opens in new window.

A Hindi blog on dementia and related care is available at: डिमेंशिया (मनोभ्रंश) और सम्बंधित देखभाल Opens in new window.

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Book by caregiver in Hindi: अल्झाइमर: साहस से सामना कीजिये

cover of  Handling Alzheimer’s with Courage Hindi version
अल्झाइमर: साहस से सामना कीजिये (Wing Commander (Retd.) D P Sabharwal): This is a first-person account by Wing Commander (Retd) D P Sabharwal who looked after his wife Kanu, who had Alzheimer’s Disease. It is the translation of the English book Handling Alzheimer’s with Courage (approximately 110 pages long) and has three parts, लंबा सफर, सही रास्ते, and अभी बाकी है. The book openly describes the experiences, doubts, mistakes, tough decisions, successes, failures, etc., along with musings and some relevant concepts of Alzheimer’s/ dementia. Contact for details/ to order.

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Videos and slideshares in Hindi (YouTube and others)

Videos with general explanations on dementia, its symptoms and impact, and care

You can also view this set as a playlist below:

A presentation providing an introduction to dementia, its symptoms, types, impact, care, etc., is also available on Slideshare. View it directly on Slideshare at: What is Dementia (डिमेंशिया क्या है?) Opens in new window or in the viewer below.

Caregiver experiences shared in Hindi

You can also view these as a playlist below.

Detailed videos on caregiving topics from India, suitable for families living here

Some specific detailed Hindi videos for family caregivers in India on two important topics.

You can also view this set as a playlist below.

A short and simple note to give family members an overview of what dementia care involves. View it directly on Slideshare at: डिमेंशिया से ग्रस्त व्यक्ति की देखभाल Opens in new window or in the viewer below.

Also, the Urdu videos available here may be useful: Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Resources in Urdu.

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From various dementia organizations: helplines, and in-person support in Hindi

Many organizations working in the dementia domain in India have helplines and in-person support available in Hindi. This is especially so for organizations located in cities/ regions where Hindi is a prevalent language. So you may find more possible sources of support in your language of interest by checking the relevant city/ region resources. See City-wise/ Region-wise Dementia Care Information to locate possible organizations in your geographical area of interest.

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Others: movie depictions in Hindi movies

There have been some well-known movies that depicted dementia. These movies vary a lot in how important the dementia aspect was in the movie plot. Some of these have some useful information on some aspects of dementia, and some have some misleading, or even outright wrong information. These movies include Maine Gandhi ko Nahin Maara, Black, Mai, and many others. Read about them at: Indian movies depicting dementia.

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