Voices and Interviews around dementia

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In India, because of lack of recognition of the dementia caregiver’s role and challenges, caregivers are unable to connect with others facing similar situations. Many caregivers do not openly talk about their experiences because people around them do not understand. They do not want to be criticized or to be told they are “complaining” or neglecting their “duty”.

Because care experiences are not shared, caregivers do not have enough sources to know what sort of situations they may face. They are not able to benefit from each others’ observations and tips on handling day-to-day problems. They find it more difficult to improve their caregiving skills because each caregiver is alone and trying to learn everything alone.

In this section, you can read various caregiver voices related to dementia care in India, all gathered through interviews, blogs, and news articles. Also, healthcare professionals and volunteers who work closely with dementia families have shared some experiences and suggestions to empower families in their care.

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