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কোভিড ১৯ এর সময়ে ডিমেনশিয়া কেয়ার: An explanation in Bengali of some key points for dementia care during COVID 19 can be seen on the ARDSI Kolkata site home page Opens in new window (please scroll down)

From Alzheimer’s Association of Bangladesh: full-fledged website and caregiver guide in Bengali

The Alzheimer’s Association of Bangladesh website ( is a comprehensive online resource for dementia/ care information in Bengali. The site is under reconstruction and giving problems, but the resources is had available are also available as archived pages and still available, as per links share below. (The site was earlier at, moved to new web address in April 2019)

This website has several pages in Bengali that explain dementia and related caregiving. Topics covered include:

Alzheimer’s Association of Bangladesh also has a Bengali caregiver help guide (PDF file) prepared with the help of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) and released in Sept 2016. This guide is available with their permission on our site, here: Dementia Poricharjakarir Sohaika (Help for Caregivers) (PDF file) . (You can also view it in the player below)

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From ARDSI Kolkata Chapter: Bengali books. Also, helpline and in-person support. Also, guidance for care in COVID times.

কোভিড ১৯ এর সময়ে ডিমেনশিয়া কেয়ার: An explanation in Bengali of some key points for dementia care during COVID 19 can be seen on the ARDSI Kolkata site home page Opens in new window (please scroll down)

The Calcutta chapter of ARDSI (Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India) has two audio clips in Bengali, available from its home page at Opens in new window. One is on What is dementia (ডিমেনশিয়া কি ) (1:43 minutes) and one on dementia care tips (14:22 minutes).

It has also published books in Bengali.

The Chapter may also be having printed booklets on dementia/ care in Bengali.

ARDSI Kolkata is an active chapter working to support families with dementia. They have a helpline, and provide information, support, and counselling in Bengali. Contact them using their Dementia Helpline at 08232014540 Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, or email them at More details on them are available at: Resources for dementia care: Kolkata, Siliguri (West Bengal)

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From Old age/ Mental Health Portals from India: short introductions for dementia/ Alzheimer’s Disease

Old Age Solutions is a portal with information and resources for the elderly (from the Govt. of India and AIIMS). It used to have a Bengali version, but this has been discontinued in 2018.

White Swan Foundation, a website on mental health, has a Bengali section. This includes pages on dementia and Alzheimer’s Dementia ডিমেনশিয়া Opens in new window, Alzheimer’s Disease অ্যালঝাইমার্‌স ডিসিস্‌ Opens in new window, and Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease অ্যালঝাইমার্‌স ডিসিস্‌ বলতে কী বোঝায়? Opens in new window.

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From other Alzheimer’s Associations worldwide: short introductions for dementia/ Alzheimer’s Disease

Some other countries that have Bengali-speaking residents have also published dementia/ Alzheimer’s and care information in Bengali to help the residents understand about dementia and care, and so that these residents know about the resources/ services these countries have to help families coping with dementia (Note that the resource information in these booklets is specific to the country that published the booklet).

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Videos in Bengali (Youtube)

Some dementia organizations in the UK have created videos dubbed in various Indian languages to help their South Asian resident understand dementia and its symptoms. These are basic, useful videos. However, the services and support they mention refer to the UK—for India, you will need to locate suitable resources here.

Or view them as a playlist below:

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Bengali book explaining dementia to children

cover of Tannar Dimma
Tannar Dimma তান্নার দিম্মা (Indrani Barua): This is a children’s story,giving a grandchild’s perspective of a grandmother with dementia. The child first notices the differences in the person, and later, after understanding how dementia is affecting the grandparent, begins doing a number of small things to make life easier for the grandparent while also finding ways to retain the quality of life – whether by walks (with name tags for safety) or gardening or working in the kitchen(in safe ways). Sensitively written, very suitable for explaining dementia to children. Available on as paperback.

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Also see: Other possible sources for Bengali information

Information on some organizations working in Kolkata is provided at our page here: Resources for dementia care: Kolkata, Siliguri (West Bengal) Some of these may be able to provide more support/ information in Bengali.

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