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Available at the Alzheimer’s Pakistan site: Resources in Urdu

cover of Urdu book on dementia

A 32-page Urdu Guide is available to understand dementia and its caregiving. This guide, prepared as a project involving Alzheimer’s Pakistan, Alzheimer’s Disease International, and Department of Social Change and Medical Health, WHO, is available at the Alzheimer’s Pakistan website.

You can view or download the guide here, from the Alzheimer’s Pakistan site (PDF file) Opens in new window.

The Alzheimer’s Pakistan site, also has some other Urdu material and news available on its pages: Urdu pageOpens in new window and Publications page Opens in new window . You can also contact them at the contact details given on their site Opens in new window. Email: Their FB page is at

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From ARDSI Hyderabad-Deccan Chapter: downloadable Urdu booklets, helpline, and support

The Hyderabad Deccan chapter of ARDSI (Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders of India) Opens in new window has a document available for download at: “What is dementia” (Urdu) (PDF file) Opens in new window.

You can also call/ email them for availability of printed booklets on dementia/ care in Urdu.

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Videos in Urdu (YouTube)

Some dementia organizations in the UK have created videos dubbed in various Indian languages to help their South Asian residents understand dementia and its symptoms. These are basic, useful videos. However, the services and support they mention refer to the UK. For India, you will need to locate suitable resources here.

Or view them as a playlist below.

Also, the Hindi videos available here may be useful: Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Resources in Hindi.

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From other Alzheimer’s Associations worldwide: short introductions for dementia/ Alzheimer’s Disease

Some other countries that have Urdu-speaking residents have also published dementia/ Alzheimer’s and care information in Urdu to help the residents understand about dementia and care, and so that these residents know about the resources/ services these countries have to help families coping with dementia. (Note that the resource information in these booklets is specific to the country that published the booklet).

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