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Videos in Marathi (Youtube)

A discussion on dementia and care in Marathi, Smrutibramsha Ek Samsya Va Upay – स्मृतीभ्रंष एक समस्या आणि उपाय can be viewed using the player below: . You can also view this Marathi presentation on Youtube Opens in new window.

A short video, which has some slides on dementia in English and Marathi, can be viewed using the player below. You can also view the English/ Marathi presentation directly on Youtube Opens in new window.

(More videos may be added)

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Marathi book on geriatric care, including dementia

cover of  Jyesthanchi Kalji ani Sewa
Jyesthanchi Kalji ani Sewa ज्येष्ठांची काळजी आणि सेवा (Ed. Dr. Nigavekar, Dr. Kadam, Dr. Gokhale): This book addresses various topics of geriatric care and also has several helpful sketches to show how to do some important care activities. It also includes explanations of the ageing process and related challenges, including a description of dementia, its symptoms, stages, etc.Available through ILC, Pune. See their pageOpens in new window.

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Old age/ Mental Health Portals from India that include Marathi Information

Old Age Solutions, a portal with information and resources for the elderly (from the Govt. of India and AIIMS), used to have a Marathi section. (May 2018 update: This website is undergoing reorganization and the Marathi pages have not yet been included in the new site, so these links have been removed. The correct links will be updated once their new site reincludes Marathi)

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From various dementia organizations in Maharashtra: Helplines and in-person support in Marathi.

There are several organizations working in the dementia domain in Maharashtra, including specialist departments in reputed hospitals. Helplines and in-person support in Marathi can be obtained from these entities. Some may even have printed booklets. These include the ARDSI Mumbai Chapter and Silver Innings. See our page here for contact information, addresses, and other details for such organizations and helplines: Resources for dementia care: Mumbai and Resources for dementia care: Pune.

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There are some critically-acclaimed Marathi movies that depicted dementia. These are:अस्तु! (Astu – So Be It) and धूसर (Dhoosar). Some information on these can be seen at: Indian movies depicting dementia: Astu and Indian movies depicting dementia: Awaited movies (Dhoosar).

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