Dementia Awareness (Comprehensive)

This awareness presentation provides an overview of dementia, including the basic facts about dementia and its prevalence, how dementia affects patients and people around them, and how we can help reduce the patient distress and caregiver burden. This presentation was prepared for use by persons conducting dementia awareness programs in India. It can also be used by laypersons to get an initial understanding of dementia. While it contains information useful for anyone interested, it includes data and examples from India. This material is not a substitute for medical advice.

The presentation is available for download: Introduction to Dementia (PDF file) Opens in new window.

You can also view it online below.

View the same slides as a video in youtube in the player below. If the video player does not load, view the video directly on Youtube Opens in new window.

Or view the slides in the Slideshare player below; If the player does not load, view the slides of “Introduction to Dementia” directly on Slideshare Opens in new window.

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