City-wise/ Region-wise Dementia Care Information

Here are links to pages containing dementia care resource information for various cities/ states in India, for the convenience of caregivers of patients of Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia diseases.[Read disclaimer]

The page: OTHERS: Resources for dementia care: Upcoming/ Others includes data on resources announced/ inaugurated but not yet confirmed as actively providing actual services/ facilities. It also includes reports on dementia related events in some cities, which may help caregivers identify possible experts/ organizations, etc. Organizations that were active earlier are also included. The information is included so that caregivers can contact the organizations to get information/ updates. Current cities included on this page are Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Darbhanga, Jaipur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Nagpur, Patna, Raipur, Varanasi.

If your city is not listed above, or if you want to see the overall resources available in India, please visit our page: Caregiver Resources in India where you can search for your city.  Also, visit the page: Informational websites on dementia care.

General tips for locating relevant resources in a city:

  • Check the availability of a local chapter on the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI) website Opens in new window, or contact ARDSI using their contact information
  • Contact the National Dementia Helpline ( 0484-277-5088 (Mon-Sat 10 AM-4 PM). E-mail: or other helplines handled by the ARDSI National Office (09846198471,09846198786, 09846198473)
  • Most cities have elder helplines run by a local NGO with the help of the Police Department. These helplines often have lists of agencies that supply attendants and nurses, and also lists of old age homes and other such facilities.
  • A list of local services can usually be obtained by surfing the Internet using keywords and the name of the city. For example, if looking for resources in Delhi, you can google for “home nursing Delhi”, “dementia care Delhi”, “old age homes Delhi.”
  • Also try searching using variants of the city name. For Delhi, for example, look for “New Delhi”. “Dilli”, “South Delhi”, or “Gurgaon”, “Faridabad”, “Noida”, “NCR”.
  • The larger hospitals of the city will usually have memory clinics to help with the initial diagnosis of dementia. Check for the neurology or the psychiatry departments.
  • The reception/ nurses at local hospitals are often able to supply the names of agencies that supply attendants/ nurses for home care.
  • Many large path lab services also provide home pickup of blood samples.
  • Many neighborhood path labs and small clinics are able to send nurses home for some minor procedures, like IV. Some even have contacts of doctors who may be willing to make home visits (you must satisfy yourself about the quality and reliability)

You can also type your city name in the search box in the sidebar to find all pages that have the name of the city you are looking for.

If you would like to get a page added for your city, and have some information to give us, please contact us. Our contact information/ form is at: Contact Information

Disclaimer: The resources/ links provided on the city pages are intended for information and convenience, and are not in any way intended to be an endorsement for the resource. Also, facilities offered keep changing, so please contact the organisations to get up-to-date information.

Page/ post last updated on: October 20, 2019

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22 thoughts on “City-wise/ Region-wise Dementia Care Information”

  1. hi
    i want to find out about help for my mother who is suffering from dememntia/alzeimer..she lives in dehradoon
    need support ..pls let me know

  2. Hello,

    Do you have any dementia care resources in and around Madurai? We are looking for a responsible male attendant, preferably trained to handle elderly dementia patient for 24/7 care.

    Please contact me ASAP.

    1. As mentioned at many places on this website, we do not provide any services and do not offer attendants. Dementia Care Notes is an online resource, not an organization. You may, however, check the Chennai page for possible persons to contact and also for general tips on how to locate services in any city:

      Also, please check the detailed discussion on various ways to locate and effectively use attendants for dementia care on this page:

      In case you find a reliable service provider, please do share the details on this website as a comment. The information could help some other family facing problems like you are currently facing.

  3. I have my uncle suffering from dementia since last few years, we are looking for “Dementia Care Centre” or home where we can assist him for full time care in and around Gujarat or anywhere in India.

    1. There are very few full-time care facilities in India that offer dementia care. You can check our Bangalore page for information on Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer’s, the largest such facility in India, and which has opened another place in Kolar recently. You can also check our Mumbai, Delhi, and Kerala page for some other places. The links are: , , ,

      Please note that while some facilities cater to dementia, you will need to satisfy yourself fully about them before placing your uncle. You may find our discussion on this page useful for suggestions on how to evaluate a facility:

      Also, please note that some old age facilities may claim they support dementia care, but are not really equipped for it.

      Regardless of how reputed a facility seems, please evaluate the facility for suitability.

  4. Hello!
    my mother aged about 84years is suffering from dementia since last 1.5 years. we are taking care of her. Now we are looking for a home to take care of her. pl furnish any home available for her in between Madurai and Tirunelveli.

    with regards,
    p.rengaraj, mob.9790194411

    1. Sorry to hear about your mother. You can check the data available on this site for various cities, such as those listed here, and on this page above. The organizations listed on these pages may be able to provide you relevant information. The pages also include tips on how to locate more resources.

      You can also contact the National Dementia Helpline to see if they have any suggestion. The National Dementia Helpline can be contacted at 0484-277-5088 (Mon-Sat 10 AM-4 PM). E-mail:

      Also, please make sure you evaluate any home that you are considering; some suggestions on how to evaluate are given at:

  5. My relative-male -aged 73 years,residing in Pachmarhi(MP)and suffering from Dementia since 3 years. Now he is suffering badly and doing abnormal activities.

    1. Sorry to hear this. I hope you are able to get information on dementia care on this site, and are also able to get some help from the various services and support systems we have listed in the city-wise pages and the all-India resource page. Usually, it is quite difficult to get trained help, so family members need to understand dementia and changed behaviour better and adjust caregiving according to it. You may find the following pages particularly useful:

      How dementia impacts behaviour:
      Handling Behaviour Challenges:
      Special tips for challenging behaviours: wandering, incontinence, repetitions, sundowning:

      An information toolkit for caregiving is available at Caregiving Essential Toolkit (

  6. Hello, my father is suffering from advanced stage Alzheimers and since my mother doesn’t keep very well herself it is not possible for her to provide full term care. I live abroad and can only visit for a few months. Can you please suggest some good and reliable trained aaya or nursing centers for alzheimers patients in Kolkata? We do not want t keep our father at home but want to provide good support and help so that even my mother gets some relief mentally. Thanks.

    1. Dear Sohini

      I suggest you check out the Kolkata page of resources at and contact ARDSI Kolkata for practical suggestions.

      Also, some other pages that have discussions possibly relevant to you are: and

      Have a look at the above. I have also emailed you this reply.

      Please feel free to use email to contact me again if you want any more information, discussion, etc.

      Swapna Kishore
      Dementia Care Notes

  7. hi

    I am from District Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. My mother (58 yrs) is suffering from dementia for last 3-4 years. We treated her in IGMC-Shimla & PGI-Chandigarh. But, her memory is deteriorating day by day. Please suggest the best treatment for her.

    Krishan Kumar
    Contact no.-9919334888
    Email :

    1. We are very sorry to hear about your mother’s situation.

      You have not mentioned the type of dementia your mother has, but we assume it is one of the irreversible and progressive dementias. The doctors you have consulted must have prescribed what may help, and you would also be doing regular reviews of her medication with doctors. As the doctors may have told you, while medicines can help some persons in terms of giving them relief from symptoms, they do not repair the damage already done to the brain, and cannot slow down further damage. That is, the situation keeps getting worse, and dependence and care work keeps increasing.

      Essentially, the role of medication is limited and the quality of caregiving is critical to the person’s well-being.

      Families have to be prepared for years of caregiving as the person deteriorates. This includes doing things like adjusting the home to make it easier for the person to do things, changing the way family members interact with and help the person, helping the person do things that are satisfying and happy, and so on, and requires planning and changes that can be quite major. Many adjustments often need to be made.

      Detailed discussions on what to consider while planning, and how to help and so on are available on this site. You can start with the page at: and then keep using the links on it and in the site’s menu bar to reach the more detailed discussions on various care-related topics (all designed to be usable in India). We also have links to know more about dementia as such (treatment, stages, how it impacts behavior) and we also have English and Hindi videos on youtube for some specific topics.

      Feel free to email us (see the contact page) if you have any more queries.

      (A slightly longer version of this has been emailed to you directly)

      1. Hi,
        Can you guide me please, my dad is suffering from dementia, mainly from depression and anxiety,
        From where we can get my dad checked and get support and plan of actions to do?
        We live near Chandigarh.

        Sameer kumar

        1. Please contact the psychiatry or geriatrics department in any major hospital in Chandigarh. Once a proper diagnosis is obtained, the doctor should also give guidance or pointers on support and plan of action, but if that does not happen, there are various volunteer organizations as well as online resources that may be able to help in addition to whatever medical treatment is advised. Information on some of these, mainly those usable for dementia, is also available on this site.

  8. Hi,

    My mother (62) is suffering from severe dementia since 2012. We are from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Currently we are taking care of her but gradually it is difficult for us as we are working professionals and my father is alone (70). It is very difficult for him as well to look after my mother in our absence during office hours.

    We are consulting in AIIMS Bhubaneswar regularly but not much improvement.

    Pls advise any organisation who can provide trained female to take care of my mother. I would be very grateful.

    1. Dear Susanta

      While I don’t know of any specific organization tat supplies trained female attendants, there are some general tips to locate such agencies for general senior care, such as surfing for home care agencies, contacting reception desks and others at clinics and hospitals, contacting local helplines for elders, and asking around. It may not be possible to get an attendant trained for dementia care, though, and in such cases families usually get attendants trained for senior care and then train them for dementia themselves.

      You may find the discussion on the page useful.

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