Resources for dementia care: Delhi/ NCR

This page contains information specific for dementia care in Delhi/ NCR, for the convenience of caregivers of patients of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. [read disclaimer]

Quick Ref: To quickly locate the day cares and full-time cares in Delhi/ NCR, look for the symbols
24 x 7 Care Home and Day Care.

Facilities for patients of Alzheimer’s/ other dementias

Dementia helpline: 011-2999 4940,  011-6453 3663 (timings 10:00 to 17:00 hrs)

Facility Address and other details

ARDSI Delhi Chapter

(Delhi Chapter of Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India)

Offers training to caregivers and attendants, provides trained attendants, helps with diagnosis, does home visits, and is a resource centre for dementia in Delhi. Has a day care centre in Delhi and (under franchise) day/ respite care at Faridabad.

ARDSI Delhi Chapter
Activities of the chapter include awareness generation, helpline service, training of caregivers and volunteers, home visits by volunteers, support group meetings, memory screening of the elderly, and some support for free medication to poor AD patients. The chapter also runs/ supports a dementia day care centre and a (under franchise) chronic care dementia facility. The chapter’s governing body includes eminent doctors and neurologists. For more details and updates of their activities and services, please contact them.

ARDSI Delhi Chapter (and their dementia day care centre)
(Includes Day Care): RZ- 62/9, Tughlakabad Extension
Panchvati, (Near Tara Apartments)
New Delhi – 110019
Tele.011-2999 4940, 011-6453 3663

Web: Opens in new window

Executive Director: Col. V K Khanna
President: Dr. Manjari Tripathi

Chronic Care Dementia Facility: Under ARDSI franchise, Centre For Holistic Medicine, Faridabad provides dementia care for in-house patients in various stages of the disease, at the following address:
(Is a 24 x 7 Care Home)
Chronic Care Dementia Facility
Plot – A28/C, Sector – 11,
(Behind Shani Mandir)
Phone: 0129-2222252 Mobile: No 9868902040
Contact person: Lalit Kumar, Rehab Psychologist
Email :
Facebook: Opens in new window

Contact them for more information on the day care and respite care.

(please note that the National Office of ARDSI is also at Delhi, at A-10 Niti Bagh, New Delhi – 110 049.Phone : +91 11 410 24253, Email id :

All India Institute of Medical Sciences(for diagnosis support and dementia-management advice)

Dr Manjari Tripathi
(Dr. Tripathi is also President, ARDSI Delhi)
Professor, Neurology
Room No 705, Department of Neurology, Neurosciences Centre,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Phone: 0091-11-26594494 / 26588248
FAX- 26588248/ 26588166
Contact AIIMS Room Nos. 5, Neuroscience Centre, Ground Floor, for OPD days and timings and for appointments.

Dr A B Dey
Professor & Head,
Department of Geriatric Medicine
All India Institute of Medical Sciences,New Delhi.
tel: 011-26593639/ 011-26588530
Contact the Geriatric Medicine at AIIMS for more information.

The AIIMS website is at Opens in new window.

Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences (IHBAS)(the first Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in India with NABH Accrediation; offers clinics and also caregiver support)

Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences (IHBAS)

Jhilmil, Dilshad Garden, Delhi-110095
(nearest Metro stations: Jhilmil and Mansarovar Park
Phone: 0091-11-22114021,22114029, 22583056,22583322
FAX- 22599227/ 22114066
The IHBAS website is here Opens in new window

The hospital offers a range of clinics, including a weekly “Neurobehaviour Clinic” run every Friday by a joint team of neurologists, psychiatrists and psychiatric social workers, for patients with cognitive decline and behavioral problems of neurological origin such as dementia (Alzheimer’s disease), age associated memory impairment, behavioral disturbances associated with various medical and neurological illnesses. Family caregivers are supported through support group meetings and given necessary support and coping skills.

This is a Govt. hospital with several top, award-winning doctors, and the first Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in India with NABH Accrediation.

Vardaan Senior Citizen Center

Vardaan Senior Citizen Center is a senior home for medically dependent patients and bed ridden patients including dementia patients. They also do terminally ill care and pain management. They have their own hospital situated in the same facility which is useful for seniors whenever they need it. This is a higher priced facility, but accepts dementia patients in all stages.

24 x 7 Care Home
Contact: B-100, Malviya Nagar
New Delhi – 110017
Ph: 46018201, 26689911 Fax: 26682338
Website: Opens in new window and Opens in new window
A video of news coverage of Vardaan is available on Youtube Opens in new window.

Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram

Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram is managed by SHEOWS ( It focuses on helping the downtrodden and helpless old persons through its old age homes. They accept destitute and disabled old persons found on roads, including those with dementia and mental illnesses, etc, and provide suitable care, medical attention, free meals, and place to stay, and try to rehabilitate them. The destitute person can be taken to the ashram, or the ashram can be contacted to know what can be done. See a video on the ashram at: Old Age for Helpless (Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram of SHEOWS, New Delhi & Garhmukteshwar) Opens in new window. The organization also has an ashram at Garhmukteshwar.
(This is a 24 x 7 Care Home)
Contact: Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram
Gautampuri Phase I, near NTPC Badarpur
Opp. Ali Gaon, Mathura Road
New Delhi – 110044
Website: and
Ph: 011-29941111, 9953750017

Epoch Elder Care

Epoch Elder Care Opens in new window had started services to help elders improve their quality of life (including persons with dementia) by providing companionship, cognitive stimulation, and memory games. These services were discontinued in early 2014, and Epoch shifted its focus to setting up assisted living facilities for seniors.

Epoch currently has an assisted living facility called “Vermeer House” in Gurgaon. This facility accepts elders who need help with activities of daily living, including persons with dementia. The provide person-centric care and basic nursing support. The admission process includes discussions and counselling to ensure that the person will fit at the facility and can be given suitable care by the Epoch team. This is a higher-priced facility. Contact them to know more, schedule a viewing, and to evaluate for suitability and reliability, etc.

(Has 24 x 7 Care Home)
Epoch Elder Care
A/193, Sector 39, Gurgaon, India
Phone: + 91 989 968 1595

Samvedna Senior Care

Samvedna Senior Care is an organization that focuses on proactive ageing and the well-being of seniors. It also offers a few services that can help persons with dementia and their family caregivers. These include some home-based support where Samvedna staff may help persons with early or mid-stage dementia through activities, or some counselling for family members. Samvedna also has monthly dementia support group meetings for caregivers. (Samvedna does not provide any medical or home nursing services for dementia.)
Address: G-7, Sushant Lok,
Phase -3,Sector 57, Gurgaon-122002
Phones: 01244229659, (+91)98100 42947, (+91) 98184 21446
Website: Samvedna Senior Care Opens in new window
For actual current offerings, please contact them and evaluate for suitability and reliability.
Also, here is a video about their support group: Dementia Support Group at Samvedna Senior Centre Opens in new window.

Other diagnostic and treatment facilities/ Memory Clinics in Delhi/ NCR, nearby areas

Some resources are already mentioned above, and some are listed below. Additionally, you can contact the OPD clinics of the psychiatry/ neurology/ geriatrics department of any reputed hospital for diagnosis and treatment. If possible, ask for dementia specialists. Some places also have special dementia clinics (memory clinics, geriatric psychiatry clinics, etc.)

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital (formerly Willingdon Hospital) is an important resource. Ask the ARDSI Delhi chapter for details, or contact Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital’s neurology/ psychiatry department. Website: Opens in new window.

Smt. Sucheta Kriplani Hospital (Lady Hardinge Medical College), Panchkuian Road, New Delhi 110003 can be contacted (Psychiatry department ) for diagnosis and support.

The NeuroImaging and NeuroSpectroscopy Lab of National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), at NH-8, Manesar, Gurgaon uses multidisciplinary approaches to understand the brain. It offers diagnostic and other advice on Alzheimer’s Disease/ dementia as part of their public outreach work. See the NBRC website Opens in new window and check about this clinic/ support: this link (PDF file) Opens in new window. Contact Email:,, Phone:+91-8377002213

Manobal Klinik used to run a memory clinic in collaboration with Easai. This clinic may not be functioning any more. Contact them at Manobal Klinik, A-2, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027, Ph No:011-25172059, 25934802, Website:

Other resources/ tips for home care/ trained attendants/ caregiver support The resources listed above may be able to provide home care/ attendants trained for dementia, or they may point you to other resources.

The sections below (resources for elders and general tips) may also be useful. Also, please check the comments left by various site visitors, as some of these may point to organizations that other caregivers have used. Please satisfy yourself about any service/ facility before using it.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get attendants trained for dementia. You may need to use general attendants and train them on dementia yourself or with the help of volunteers. Our page here, Using Trained Attendants for Dementia Home Care, discusses this topic in detail. You may also find our Caregiving Essential Toolkit useful.

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Helplines and other resources for elders

Police senior citizen helpline: 1091 and 1291 (website is

Helpage India has a helpline: 1800-180-1253 (toll free number)

Facility Address and other details
Helpage India (Head Office)

C-14 Qutab Institutional Area
New Delhi – 110016
Ph: 011 41688955-56

Site: The Helpage India website Opens in new window

Ask them about any elder care services and also about any Geriatric Physiotherapy clinic in the city, as such clinics can be useful for rehabilitation of persons with mobility problems and also with dementia.

Other sources for information on attendants, old age homes, etc. Delhi/ NCR has several agencies that state that they provide home health care and other services relevant for seniors. Many have websites, which include statements on specialized care that they offer. However, we do not have any basis for including any specific agencies/ services, as anyone can set up a website and make claims. Please contact elder helplines/ Helpage India and use other tips mentioned on this page to find service providers who may suit you. We strongly suggest being vigilant while evaluating these agencies for suitability and reliability, etc. Some relevant suggestions for evaluation are included on this site at Evaluate services and suggestions on effective use of trained attendants are available here: Use attendants.

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Dementia-related material in various Indian languages (including Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu)

Click here for our full list of dementia/ care resources in various Indian languages (currently Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu): Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Resources in Indian Languages

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General tips for locating relevant resources:

  • A list of local services can usually be obtained by surfing the Internet using keywords and the name of the city, and looking for various types of services. Most cities will have some home care services, old age homes, nursing agencies, etc. The larger hospitals of the city will usually have memory clinics to help the initial diagnosis of dementia. Search for "memory clinic" combined with your city name and other such phrases.
  • Use various combinations and alternate city names for more suitable results.For example, you may look for Delhi, New Delhi, Dilli, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, NCR, or whatever else you consider useful. Search using locality names also.
  • Updates/ fresh data on dementia support facilities/ services may also be available from the National Dementia Helpline ( 0484-277-5088). E-mail: or other helplines handled by the ARDSI National Office (09846198471,09846198786, 09846198473)
  • The reception/ nurses at local hospitals often know about agencies that supply attendants/ nurses for home care.
  • Many large path lab services also provide home pickup of blood samples.
  • Many neighborhood path labs and small clinics are able to send nurses home for some minor procedures, like IV. Some even have contacts of doctors who may be willing to make home visits (you must satisfy yourself about the quality and reliability)

Also note, contact numbers and addresses keep changing. If you have an problems old number/ name of hospital/ doctor, etc., get the latest details using local telephone inquiry/ assistance services.

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Please contact the resources listed above if you are looking for dementia/ care support If you are looking for resources in other Indian cities/ regions, or across India, check out these links:

Other useful links:

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Disclaimer: This page includes whatever information was available and seemed relevant. However, we make no claims that the contents of this page are either accurate or complete, or that the persons/ organizations listed are reliable in any way, or that they are suitable for you (no fitment for purpose is intended or implied). The data is provided merely for information and convenience, and not in any way intended to be an endorsement for any person/ organization/ service/ resource. Also, services offered keep changing, so please contact the organisations to get up-to-date information.

Please note that Dementia Care Notes does NOT provide any services or any medical consultation.

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    (Dementia Care Notes adds: This comment was posted by an employee of For all such posts, site visitors are requested to evaluate the service’s suitability and reliability themselves to decide whether it suits their needs. Note that such tracking devices are not always effective in locating someone who may wander, and should not be depended upon as the sole strategy for caregiving.)

  2. If you know of anyone who needs quality care at home for Alzheimer’s or Dementia there is Pramati Care which provided specialized & trained caregivers for at home care. Website:

    (Dementia Care Notes adds: This comment was posted by an employee of Pramati Care. Site visitors are requested to evaluate the facility’s suitability and reliability themselves to decide whether it suits their needs. Some evaluation suggestions are included at and at

  3. My mother who is 78 years old is suffering from Dementia. For last few months her behavior has changed drastically towards us, I am looking for good care taking place in Delhi/ Noida. I am placed at Greater Noida.

    1. Please contact the resources listed above for possible help, especially ARDSI Delhi Chapter.

      Please note, though, that finding a reliable care facility that suits your needs may be difficult. You will need to evaluate the facility carefully. Some tips for evaluation can be seen at:

      The behavior of someone with dementia changes for multiple reasons. It is often possible to make changes at home and in the way of interacting with the person to make it easier to look after the person at home. Given that there are hardly any facilities that are good enough, most families provide dementia care at home. This requires some amount of learning and adjustment, and is done by using a combination of various services. This Dementia Care Notes site includes several detailed discussions on related topics to make it easier to handle care at home for someone with dementia.

  4. My mother is suffering from Dementia for last 12 years. Being the only son, I have been taking care of her daily chores till now. But now I have some additional family responsibilities and due to future prospects need to move abroad. There is no one to take care of her here and unfortunately I can not take her along due to visa issues. I need a caring facility which can look after her thoroughly. I contacted some institutes like Apna Ghar in Delhi however, they refused my request as they do not accept someone with family. I can not leave my mother on road to become a destitute so that they can accept her.

    If anyone of you knows about any such institutes which take care of such patients, please share the addresses. I would be really grateful to you.

    Thanks In Advance.

    1. Please look at the page above, and contact the various organizations listed there. Please satisfy yourself about the reliability and suitability of the places they manage/ suggest before placing your mother there.

    2. Hello Prashant,

      Sorry to reply late, we are from an organization which takes care of dementia patients, Can you contact me at Currently I am on an international project but I am returning soon , Till then my executive will get in touch with you! Let me know your contact details or write in ..

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