Dementia Care During COVID-19: Infographics With Tips.

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Dementia care during COVID-19 times poses several challenges for family caregivers. Tips for salient aspects are shown in a set of slides below. Use the arrow keys to move from slide to slide. The slides included are:

  • Protect the person from dementia.
  • Adapt care approach for COVID 19.
  • Get medical advice during COVID.
  • Try for a balanced and less stressful approach.
  • demenia care during COVID tips to protect person from COVID infection
  • demenia care during COVID tips to adapt care approach
  • dementia care during COVID tips to get medical support
  • dementia care during COVID tips for balanced and less stressful approach

For a page discussing dementia care during COVID in detail, see Dementia Home Care during COVID – Infection Risk, Vaccination, Care Approach. Individual care pages on the site also contain tips based on lessons learned during COVID for coping with situations of serious infection risk or other similar disruptions.

Dementia Care Notes