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Use “Active Ageing” to age better and reduce dementia risk: part 2

Many people worry about how their physical and mental abilities will reduce as they grow old. Dementia caregivers also worry about their risk of getting dementia.

Ramani Sundaram, a neuroscience research scientist working at Nightingales Medical Trust, has designed and managed the “Active Ageing” program at the Nightingales Trust Bagchi Centre for Active Ageing (Bangalore). It is a holistic program that uses a multi-modal activity-based approach. It is based on the ThinkingFit study conducted in the UK, and aims to bring lifestyle modification and ensure health and happiness of the elderly, thus making ageing a positive experience. The focus is on minimizing the risk of dementia, controlling hypertension, diabetes, and depression, and preventing falls.

This interview series shares information and suggestions for persons interested in ageing well. In part 1, we talked about program and its context and objectives, how participants are assessed before they join, and also listed the three components of the program. The first component, physical activity, was discussed. Below, in Part 2, we discuss the mental and social components of the program and talk about how homebound persons like many caregivers can adapt and use these. We also talk about the use of the program for persons mild cognitive impairment or early dementia.

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