Care of loved ones in home setting

Estimates in the Dementia India Report 2010 give the number of dementia patients in India in 2010 as around 3.7 million (37 lakh); there are, however, only 6 respite care and 10 day care centres specifically catering to dementia patients. Care is, therefore, almost fully home-based. Unfortunately, dementia awareness is poor in India, and dementia is often confused with old age and not diagnosed. Because of this, caring for a dementia patient is seen as no different than “normal” living with elders, and caregiving is not recognized as a role. Families are not aware of the planning or skills required for dementia care.

The presentation, Care of loved ones in home setting, gives an overview of what home caregiving for a dementia patient involves, so that caregivers and society around them can all be better geared to plan for and provide appropriate care, or support care. View the cover and topic slides below:

dementia home care slide 1   dementia home care slide 2

Get the full presentation here: Care of loved ones in home setting (PDF file download).

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