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Site update notes

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Site updates include both ongoing updates, and special/ significant content updates.

Ongoing site maintenance and content updates

Ongoing updates are done regularly and may affect several pages. Such ongoing updates are done every few months, and sometimes smaller batches are done in between if some significant data is received. The types of changes done as part of ongoing maintenance include:

Additionally, the bottom of most pages includes text that gives the date of the last update (this may have been a major update, or a minor correction)

Special content update batches

In addition to the above maintenance, some specific content enhancement projects are undertaken periodically for changes that may result in the creation of new pages or significant coverage of some aspect that spans multiple pages. The log below is restricted to the more important content change batches.

As noted earlier, the best way to benefit from the content is to just see the page again.

If you have last visited the site before April 2014, please read the pages again because extensive and significant changes have been made to most of the pages, and many pages, references, resources, and links have been added.

April 2017 to July 2017

A major addition was made in the coverage and discussion around late stage dementia home care, in the form of a six-part interview with De. Soumya Hedge, a Bangalore-based Geriatric Psychiatrist with extensive experience supporting dementia care in India. These are available at: Home care for late stage dementia, Part 1: Prepare for home care [9], Home care for late stage dementia, Part 2: Getting medical advice and preparing for decline [10], Home care for late stage dementia, Part 3: Bruising, skin care, exercise, massage, bedsores [11], Home care for late stage dementia, Part 4: Constipation, Catheter use, Dental Care, Improving the Quality of Life [12], Home care for late stage dementia, Part 5: Eating/ swallowing problems [13], and Home care for late stage dementia, Part 6: Tube feeding and related decisions [14].

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May 2016 to March 2017

A new set of pages was created for dementia resources in various Indian languages, under the heading: Dementia Resources in Indian Languages [16]. There are currently twelve pages in this section, giving dementia resources in Assamese [17], Bengali [18], Gujarati [19], Hindi [20], Kannada [21], Konkani [22], Malayalam [23], Marathi [24], Punjabi [25], Tamil [26], Telugu [27], and Urdu [28]. Each page contains information on all available dementia resources in that language, such as websites/ web pages, downloadable documents, Youtube videos, presentations available online, caregiver manuals, helplines, etc. Many pages also include manuals that can be read directly on the page. These resources have been gathered from across experts and organizations working in dementia from India, neighboring countries, and other countries who have prepared such resources for residents and immigrants.

A new page was also added for Indian movies depicting dementia (in any Indian language, including Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, etc.). Review comments have been added for each movie, related to what aspects of dementia and care the movie deicts, and how useful or misleading/ incomplete the depiction may be for someone who wants to understand dementia better by seeing the movie. The page is part of the resources section: Indian movies depicting dementia [29].

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Dec 2015 to April 2016

Significant changes were made to various resource pages, especially for material in Indian languages, online support groups, and city data. Also, the books and DVD pages were significantly changed. Of special note here is the addition of books on dementia and care from India, including books written by Indian caregivers and also books on dementia and care written in Indian languages. A new page was also added for caregiver books from India as part of Indian voices on dementia. See the updated page on books here: Books on dementia and care [30] and the new page here: Voices: Books by Indian caregivers [31].

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May 2015 to Nov 2015

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May 2014 to April 2015

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April 2014:

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(Note that the content on the Dementia Care Notes website does not constitute medical advice)

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