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This page describes the updates done to this site. It may be useful to check if you have visited the site earlier and want to know whether any significant changes have happened. However, note that the best way to benefit from the content is to just see the page(s) again and check the menus on top or see the site map.

Site updates include both ongoing updates, and special/ significant content updates.

Ongoing site maintenance and content updates

Ongoing updates are done regularly and may affect several pages. Such ongoing updates are done every few months, and sometimes smaller batches are done in between if some significant data is received. The types of changes done as part of ongoing maintenance include:

  • References and links are added/ removed as relevant for the page, including cross-links to other pages on the site. An attempt is made to include whatever could be useful, and remove obsolete material or material that is less useful now. Broken links are also periodically removed.
  • Pages are reviewed on an ongoing basis for readability and ease of use, and based on this review and any feedback received, the content may be rearranged or edited. Checks are periodically made to ensure the site remains mobile-friendly and easy to access and understand.
  • Dementia-specific books, videos, caregiver interviews from Indian newspapers and blogs, and other such material is regularly added or removed depending on usefulness and feedback received. Similar regular updates are done for various city-wise resources, all-India resources, and online resources. Sections may be added or re-arranged on resource pages and cities may be added, as and when data seems relevant. Special attention is given to include/ update material on dementia that may be available in Indian languages. (Note: While all attempts have been made to ensure that the included resources are useful, the listings are only for the convenience of site visitors, and they must check the reliability and suitability of these themselves.)
  • Terminology in dementia keeps changing/ evolving. The site is periodically reviewed to see what to change to ensure it remains understandable.
  • The Site FAQ page is also periodically updated to include common site-related queries and their answers.

Additionally, the bottom of most pages includes text that gives the date of the last update (this may have been a major update, or a minor correction)

New content added

In addition to the above maintenance, content enhancement may result in the creation of new pages/ posts. The log below is restricted to new pages/ posts added since April 2017. Changes (even if major) made to existing pages are not listed. As noted earlier, the best way to benefit from the content is to just see the pages again, look at the site map, or see the menu. If you last visited the site before April 2017, please read the content again because extensive and significant changes would have been made to most pages, and many references, resources, and links added.

April 2020: A new page was added : Dementia Home Care, the COVID-19 infection risk, and Lockdown/ Unlock challenges. Also, asd a major change to the site, more than 35 pages were updated to include information, comments and tips related to care during COVID 19 times

May and June 2018: Two new pages were added. Ahmedabad, Valsad (Gujarat) and Privacy Policy.

June 2018: To help, families understand and handle the diagnosis process, a four-part interview series on the diagnosis process with Dr CT Sudhir Kumar was added. Dr Sudhir Kumar is a Consultant Psychiatrist with several years of experience in dementia and elderly mental health services in the UK and India.

Oct 2017A two-part series was added where Ramani Sundaram, a neuroscience research scientist working at Nightingales Medical Trust, described an “Active Ageing” where the focus is on minimizing the risk of dementia, controlling hypertension, diabetes, and depression, and preventing falls.

April 2017 to July 2017: A major addition was made in the coverage and discussion around late stage dementia home care, in the form of a six-part interview with Dr. Soumya Hedge, a Bangalore-based Geriatric Psychiatrist with extensive experience supporting dementia care in India. These are available at:

(Note that the content on the Dementia Care Notes website does not constitute medical advice)

Page/ post last updated on: June 11, 2020

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