Videos and presentations

There are plenty of videos available online at resource sites and youtube that provide information on dementia or share patient and caregiver experiences and thoughts. Here are some select ones, including clips in Indian languages:

Some recent movies include depiction of characters who have dementia. A list of these movies, and comments on how suitable they are to understand dementia and associated care is available at: Indian movies depicting dementia.

Pictorial education on dementia, by the 10/66 Dementia Research Group

This excellent presentation depicts the impact of dementia on the patient and family. This presentation uses an Indian setting. You can view “Pictorial education on dementia” directly on slideworld.

Or use the player below:

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A Burden of Love: a Indian documentary showing families coping with dementia, and also specialists talking about it

This 1998 video features several Indian families coping with dementia. It including interviews with the relatives as well as explanations and commentaries by specialists.Please note that while the description and discussions on dementia an dcare challenges are very relevant, the data on the current available day care and respite care is from 1998, and hence outdated. (If the youtube player does not load, watch “A Burden of Love” directly on Youtube.)

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English and Hindi interviews of a dementia caregiver in India

An interview of caregiver Swapna Kishore recorded in June 2009, discussing dementia care, awareness, and problems faced.(If the youtube player does not load, you can watch the June 2009 interview directly on Youtube.)

A later interview, where Swapna Kishore talks of late-stage dementia care at home, recorded in 2012 after her mother passed away.(If the youtube player does not load, you can watch the late-stage care video directly on Youtube.)

A Hindi video, where Swapna Kishore describes her mother’s dementia journey and also shares some general observations about it. If the youtube player does not load, you can watch the Hindi video on a mother’s dementia journey directly on Youtube.)

A Hindi video where Swapna Kishore shares her personal experiences and observations as a dementia caregiver. If the youtube player does not load, you can watch the Hindi video on a caregiver’s observations directly on Youtube.)

Swapna Kishore also blogs about her dementia care experiences and thoughts.

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Portraits of Care

In this touching and poignant documentary by Anjan Kumar, “Portraits of Care”, four Chennai-based caregivers share their experiences as home caregivers. Through their interviews we get an opportunity to understand more of the ground realities of caregiving in India. (Note that Chennai-based Care Cubed, mentioned in the video, has not been functioning since Aug/ Sep 2015.)

View the CareCubed video on youtube, or click the play button below.

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Living well with dementia – Hindi version, a comprehensive video on dementia for Asians in the UK

This is a detailed, useful Hindi video for dementia care, and explains multiple aspects of what dementia is, and what care involves. The video includes brain models and pictures to explain the brain changes in dementia, and has several interviews with the persons with dementia and their caregivers. Expert advice on care is included. Please note, however, that the section on “help available” pertains to help available in the UK and the situation regarding both awareness and support is very different in India. We do not have the professional support and day care of the sort described in the video. However, the video is very useful to understand dementia experiences and care aspects

The video is in Hindi, but has English subtitles, so it is suitable for English viewers, too. Also available on youtube is an English voice-over version of the video..

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Explanations from India in English and Kannada – from Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association

Jerardin D’souza-Founder-MAA-Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association has been working in the area of spreading awareness about dementia and care. Two videos with his talks are available on Youtube. One is in a mix of Kannada and English, the other is mainly in English (with a few Kannada phrases). Both are suitable for India, and use the Indian context and examples.

One video, mainly in Kannada and English, is on youtube at: ALZHEIMER’S TALK in KANNADA, Jerardin D’souza, Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association, or click the play button below.

Another video, mainly in English (with a few Kannada phrases), is at: ALZHEIMER’S DEMENTIA by Jerardin D’souza, or click the play button below.

Yet another video, this time in Konkani and English is at Amchi Mati Amchi Monsham –ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE– TALK- By – Er. Jerardin D’souza, or click the play button below. The discussion related to dementia starts in real earnest around 14:30 minutes into the video, though watching the whole video will give you more background on the speaker and his work, etc.

You can see other videos from Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association on the Youtube channel of Jerardin Dsouza

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Dementia Awareness: A New Story: An India-based short clip in Hindi and English

Hindi version. View the Hindi dementia awareness video on youtube, or click the play button below.

English version

(If the youtube player does not load, you can view the English dementia awareness video on youtube.)

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Walking Down Memory Lane, an India-based film on Alzheimer’s by Dignity Foundation

(If the youtube player does not load, you can watch “Walking down memory lane” on Youtube.)

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Dementia and Alzheimer’s presentation

A detailed discussion on dementia and care in Marathi can be viewed using the player below. You can also view the detailed Marathi presentation on Youtube.

Another video, a short video which has some slides on dementia in English and Marathi, can be viewed using the player below. You can also view the English/ Marathi presentation directly on Youtube.

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Yaaddasht ka Safar

This Urdu video includes a family’s story as the elderly father deteriorates because of dementia, and also includes some discussion on dementia at the end. While the resources refered to are not India-based, the explanations and the story shown can be informative even for persons in India. The video can be viewed using the player below. If the youtube player does not load, you can view the Urdu video directly on Youtube.

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Zindagi Live: Life with Alzheimer’s Disease – A Hindi news episode with caregiver interviews

A news feature on Alzheimer’s and its impact on caregivers (Hindi) is available at IBN7. The episode includes several caregivers and some expert opinions. Click here: Zindagi Live: Life with Alzheimer disease .

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Prabhakant and Kanta Patel: caregiver story

Chanchalben Patel suffered from dementia. Her son and daughter-in-law describe their experiences as her caregiver in this Hindi video: “Hindi – Prabhakant and Kanta Patel — dementia”. You can view the Patels’ interview on dementia on Youtube, or view it in the player below.

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The HBO Alzheimer’s Project

This project can be found at: and has a lot of very interesting material. There are many video clips that can be streamed for viewing. Of particular interest here are: Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am? , The Memory Loss Tapes , and Caregivers

Going Home

This is a prize-winning video showing the confusion and wandering of a dementia patient

(If the youtube player does not load, you can view Going Home on Youtube.)

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My name is Lisa

This is a prize-winning video on the impact of a mother’s Alzheimer’s on a thirteen-year-old girl, very sensitively made.

(If the youtube player does not load, you can view the Lisa video on Youtube.)

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Interviews of family and friends of dementia patients

For more interviews, also see: view the videos of family and friends here.

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Page/ post last updated on: October 6, 2016