Resources for dementia care: Assam (Guwahati), Manipur (Imphal), Mizoram (Aizawl)

This page contains information specific for dementia care in North-East India, currently on Assam (Guwahati), Manipur (Imphal) and Mizoram (Aizawl). It has been created for the convenience of caregivers of patients of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. [read disclaimer]

Facilities for patients of Alzheimer’s/ other dementias

Facility Address and other details
ARDSI Guwahati Chapter
(Guwahati Chapter of Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India)

(Data below was re-verified November 2015)

ARDSI – Guwahati Chapter
c/r Dr. Ajaya Mahanta
House No – 5, Nandan Path
Rukmini Nagar
Guwahati 781006, Assam

Tel: +91 94350 48090/ 98642 00518 (also, 7035907918)

E-mail (please call if emails don’t get responses):,,,

(Note on Nov 2015: the email id is not working; please do not expect any response from it)


The Guwahati team has been active for some time, spreading awareness in various public forums such as senior citizen forums and areas near Guwahati, including sessions in local languages. These include awareness talks and programs at Dispur Hospital, Gauhati Medical College, and students from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati. In November 2013, the ARDSI Guwahati chapter hosted ARDSICON 2013, the XVIII National Conference of the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India.

ARDSI Guwahati started a memory clinic in January 2015: The Reeta Barua Memorial Memory Clinic. The clinic is open on weekdays for consultations and assessment. It is handled by Ms. Ankita Kakati. The clinic is at Sonabeel Commercial Complex ( above M/S Chandrani Pearls / Kingkini Jewellers ), Gopi Nath Bordoloi Road, Silpukhuri, Guwahati – 781 003. Contact them for the latest status, timings, and appointments at
9707648562 (Ms Ankita) or through the neuro OPD( phone +91825399124 Extention 176) or use the ARDSI Guwahati numbers.

ARDSI Guwahati inaugurated a day care centre in September 2015. Contact details are
Kuntal Goswami memorial trust
Mother Theresa Road
GeetanagarGuwahati, Assam
Phones: +91 94350 40890 (Mr. P. Goswami)
+91 70359 07918 (Mr. Dibyajyoti Goswami)
+ 91 94350 45066 (Dr. A. Mahanta)
+ 91 9864016221 (Dr. Nilakshi Mahanta)
The centre is expected to be open during working hours on weekdays, but does not provide transport. Please check with them on the latest status of whether the centre is working.

ARDSI Mizoram Chapter
(Mizoram Chapter of Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India)

ARDSI Mizoram Chapter, JERRY ARTS, Chandmari Kawn, Aizawl-796007, Mizoram, India

Contact person: Dr. H.K. Laldinpuii Fente
Professor, Department of Psychology, Mizoram University, Mizoram, Aizawl – 796004
Phone: 09436140870 / 8794716364
E-mail: and

ARDSI Mizoram was inaugurated in September 2015, and has done some caregiver training and is working to spread awareness using multiple means. Support is also given using Whatsapp to registered members. Also, check their Facebook presence. This is a new chapter; please contact them for details of their current activities and plans.

ARDSI Manipur Chapter
(Manipur Chapter of Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India)

ARDSI, Manipur Chapter, Palace Compound Near Govindaji Temple Imphal-795001 ( Manipur) India

Contact person: H. Sanamatum Singh, General Secretary

Tel: +91 897 402 4889

E-mail (try all, and call if there is no response):,

Some news items: One day dementia awareness program held at Kontha Khabam Hall, World Alzheimer’s Day 2011 observed, Alzheimer’s month observance launched (2015).

Dementia awareness activity in Imphal

Here are some links related to dementia programs held in 2013 and 2014. These may help identify possible experts/ organizations that are concerned or knowledgeable about dementia, such as experts in JNIMS (Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital) and in Department of Psychiatry, RIMS (Regional Institute of Medical Sciences): Alzheimer’s Month observed, Alzheimer’s month Interaction programme held, Healthy India programme, Alzheimer’s Day, and Manipur ranks second in North East for Dementia cases.

Other resources/ tips for home care/ trained attendants/ caregiver support The resources listed above may be able to provide home care/ attendants trained for dementia, or they may point you to other resources.

The sections below (resources for elders and general tips) may also be useful. Also, please check the comments left by various site visitors, as some of these may point to organizations that other caregivers have used. Please satisfy yourself about any service/ facility before using it.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get attendants trained for dementia. You may need to use general attendants and train them on dementia yourself or with the help of volunteers. Our page here, Using Trained Attendants for Dementia Home Care, discusses this topic in detail. You may also find our Caregiving Essential Toolkit useful.

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Helplines and other resources for elders

For Guwahati, the Helpage India senior citizen helpline is the tollfree number 1800 345 1253

The Assam police website is at:

No information is available on any senior citizen helpline for Manipur (the police website is here, for your reference: )

Facility Address and other details
Helpage India, Guwahati Contact Person: Mr. Nilondra Tanya
Address: H/N.42, Anandanagar Sixmile
Guwahati-781022, Assam
Tel. No.: +91 0361 233 8330
Ask them about any elder care services and also about any Geriatric Physiotherapy clinic in the city, as such clinics can be useful for rehabilitation of persons with mobility problems and also with dementia.
Senior Citizen Associations

Assam has senior citizen associations such as Assam Senior Citizen Association and Guwahati Senior Citizen Association.

While authoritative details are not available, the Guwahati Senior Citizens Association is mentioned here. The following newspaper reports may also give more information on relevant associations/ support in Assam: story in Telegraph India, story in Assam Tribune.

Manipur has a “Senior Citizen’s for Society Manipur” (SCSM) association. See: article with activities of the SCSM.

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Dementia-related material in various Indian languages (including Assamese)

Assamese: Some information about dementia in Assamese can be downloaded/ viewed at this link: Assamese version, Dementia India Report 2010 (executive summary translation by ARDSI Guwahati Chapter). This Assamese document includes figures and tables about symptoms, types of dementia, and risk factors, and discusses dementia's impact and care challenges. View some excerpts here.

Click here to locate our full list of resources with dementia and caregiving information in various Indian languages (currently Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu): Dementia Information in Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu

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General tips for locating relevant resources:

  • A list of local services can usually be obtained by surfing the Internet using keywords and the name of the city, such as "home nursing Guwahati", "dementia care Guwahati", "old age homes Guwahati."
  • Combine your search string with various versions of the city name in searches, such as Guwahati, Gauhati, Assam, Imphal, Manipur. So, a search could be "old age homes Guwahati" or "dementia Gauhati"
  • The larger hospitals of the city will usually have memory clinics to help the initial diagnosis of a patient. Search for "memory clinic Guwahati" and other such phrases.
  • Updates/ fresh data on dementia support facillities/ services may also be avaailble from the National Dementia Helpline ( 04842808088 (Mon-Sat 10 AM-4 PM). E-mail: or other helplines handled by the ARDSI National Office (09846198471,09846198786, 09846198473)
  • The reception/ nurses at local hospitals often know about agencies that supply attendants/ nurses for home care.
  • Many large path lab services also provide home pickup of blood samples.
  • Many neighborhood path labs and small clinics are able to send nurses home for some minor procedures, like IV. Some even have contacts of doctors who may be willing to make home visits (you must satisfy yourself about the quality and reliability)

Also note, contact numbers and addresses keep changing. If you have an old number/ name of hospital/ doctor, etc., you can try to get the latest correct number/ address using local telephone inquiry/ assistance services or services like Justdial (0888-888-8888) and Askme (0444-444-4444).

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Please contact the resources listed above if you are looking for dementia/ care support in Assam and Manipur. If you are looking for resources in other Indian cities/ regions, or across India, check out these links:

Other useful links:

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Disclaimer: This page was last updated in February, 2016 with whatever information was available and seemed relevant. However, we make no claims that the contents of this page are either accurate or complete, or that the persons/ organizations listed are reliable in any way, or that they are suitable for you (no fitment for purpose is intended or implied). The data is provided merely for information and convenience, and not in any way intended to be an endorsement for any person/ organization/ service/ resource. Also, services offered keep changing, so please contact the organisations to get up-to-date information.

Please note that Dementia Care Notes does NOT provide any services or any medical consultation.

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